In the business world, a lead, which can be a single person or an entire business, can profoundly affect the overall success of a business. Leads are valuable because of their potential to become paying clients. Businesses obtain leads from both online and offline venues, but there is an exponentially growing percentage of leads that come from solely from online channels (web forms, virtual events, webinars). Regardless of whether a lead comes from an in-person meeting at an expo or an inquisitive viewer in a free webinar, keeping track of hundreds or even thousands of leads can be overwhelming. Lead generation software helps to make this process simpler by automating the entire process and organizing each lead’s data. Infusionsoft, Salesforce, and Marketo are the top three lead generation software products on the market.

Top 3 Lead Generation Softwares

  • Infusionsoft
  • Salesforce
  • Marketo


With over 15 years of experience, Infusionsoft remains one of the top lead generation software products. Infusionsoft aims to solve a multitude of time-consuming problems when it comes to managing leads as well as customers. With Infusionsoft, everything from storing lead data to keeping in contact through email marketing campaigns to managing payments is integrated. The ready-made lead capture form increases the amount of actual leads in your database by inviting all website visitors to submit their information. The integrated e-commerce system makes the process from converting a lead to paying client completely smooth. Infusionsoft knows that business happens everywhere; the Infusionsoft mobile app lets you add a contact’s info wherever you are.


  • Integrated e-commerce platform
  • Mobile app
  • Ready-made lead capture forms


Based out of San Francisco, Salesforce is a CRM application with proven success rates. On average, businesses that use Salesforce experience at least a 32% increase in the conversion of leads. Salesforce is an asset to any business as it manages every aspect of the lead conversion from data collection to marketing. Not every business operates from 9-5, and Salesforce knows this; that’s why support is available 24/7 when the Premier plan is selected. Salesforce stands apart from other lead generation software with its industry-specific options; from healthcare to higher education to retail, Salesforce can improve business for any industry. The industry customization is particularly useful when creating web forms and adding industry-specific questions. The Salesforce1 Mobile App allows Salesforce clients to track leads, monitor sales, and even share files.


  • 24/7 support
  • Industry-specific customizations
  • Salesforce1 Mobile App


As a lead generation software, Marketo takes its job to convert leads seriously. In fact, Marketo founded The Lead Generation Success Center to help make sure that no lead slips through the cracks. Not only does Marketo focus on conversion-worthy landing pages, but Marketo even works with its own clients to help turn an inquiry (such as an email) into a warm lead through the lead nurturing programs. Marketo helps businesses improve the quality of their leads by allowing for highly personalized automation which includes web forms, landing pages, and social media integration. Whether you are new or experienced using lead generation software programs, Marketo’s User Groups ensure that you are never alone; both local and online User Groups allow for peer-to-peer collaboration within your own industry. Marketo has several high-profile customers including Charles Schwab, myfitnesspal, and Canon.


  • Lead Generation Success Center
  • Lead Nurturing Campaigns
  • User Groups


Businesses that use lead generation software typically see an overall boost in efficiency. Not only is data accuracy improved (because lead data is automatically synced with the CRM), but sales cycles are, on average, shorter. Whether you are a small, medium, or large business, Infusionsoft, Salesforce, and Marketo are all scalable software options with a plethora of options to make your business better, more efficient, and more profitable.