Managing your business’ orders can be a major hassle if you aren’t doing it properly. Thankfully, there are a variety of order management software programs that you can use to make new orders, track your inventory, and even do simple accounting procedures. Want a cloud? No problem. Need a program that can go mobile? You can get that to. There are dozens of features available out there. Who has the best choices? Take a look at these best pieces of ordering software on the market today.

Top 5 order processing software

  • TradeGecko
  • Pepperi
  • BizAutomation
  • Fishbowl Inventory
  • Now Commerce


Working in the cloud has become the way for many online retailers which makes TradeGecko a powerful platform for order management. It is based totally in the cloud and helps you manage all your ordering and inventory needs. Track your customers’ purchases in real-time while on-the-go and make orders for new products without having to go into the shop. Various e-commerce benefits, including accounting and shipping integration, helps make this an incredible app for the business person who is constantly on the go. Mobile app integration makes it useful with a variety of mobile internet platforms, such as iOS and Android phones.


  • Mobile internet accessibility
  • Cloud-based accounting
  • E-commerce benefits


For brands and wholesalers looking to increase their sales and decrease order processing time, Pepperi is a great choice. It is designed for B2B sales, including omni-channel support and a variety of customized apps for your personal needs. App types include catalog presentation, merchandising, taking orders, and a variety of B2B e-commerce methods and techniques. Another major benefit of this software is the ways which it has been adapted for mobile use. Users of iOS, Windows 10, and Android mobile devices can quickly and easily use this software. As a result, you can check your inventory and your orders while on-the-go and manage them without falling behind on your specific ordering needs.


  • Omni-channel support
  • B2B support
  • Multiple app choices


This cloud-based software offers a variety of high-quality benefits when compared to other order fulfilling software on the market. For example, it can be integrated with a variety of Google apps, including Google + and Google Maps. This makes it easier to identify your businesses properly and help people find them quickly and easily. It also makes it easier to integrate various reviews into your marketing methods. It also includes real-time order fulfillment and entry, which makes it easy for your to communicate directly with your customers quickly and efficiently. Perhaps the biggest benefit of this order management software is its Customer Relationship Management system, which helps to gauge how your customers feel about your business in a real-time environment.


  • Cloud-based management
  • Google apps integration
  • Customer Relationship Management system

Fishbowl Inventory

Anyone interested in this software can try it out for a free trial period to see how well it works. This gives you the advantage of learning how to use its intriguing wireless barcoding system. This advantage lets you check your warehouse inventory and update it without much of a hassle. Use this system with the UPS and FedEx integration to handle your shipping more efficiently, allowing you to track its shipment. Changing over to a new piece of software can be a challenge for many businesses, which is why Fishbowl Inventory is compatible with QuickBooks. This popular accounting program is used by thousands of businesses across the country, giving you access to one of the best inventory and accounting platforms in the nation. It also makes it easier for you to work directly with businesses that also use Quickbooks.


  • Credit card and shopping cart integration
  • Quickbook integration
  • Wireless barcoding system

Now Commerce

Designed exclusively for manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers who use Quickbooks, Now Commerce is a powerful tool for B2B e-commerce. It allows a variety of online order entry methods, helping you to track your online orders and to match your needs with your inventory. It also offers a variety of benefits, including real-time inventory, customer-specific forms, and custom pricing. Pairing Now Commerce with Quickbooks gives you a powerful way to manage your accounting, ordering, and inventory needs from one simple platform. Set up of this software is instant, meaning you can start adjusting your settings and tracking your orders and inventory immediately.


  • Quickbook integration
  • Customer-specific forms
  • Immediate setup


Which of these products sounds right for your business? Any one of them is worth your investment, but may not have the options that you need. Think carefully before investing, as these products can be somewhat expensive if you choose the wrong one.