Incontinence affects millions of women each year, but many are reluctant to discuss incontinence with their healthcare providers due to embarrassment around the stigma that surrounds incontinence. However, incontinence is a condition that is often highly treatable through a variety of medications and products. One of the most common products that doctors recommend for incontinence are urinary pads, which act as a barrier and help prevent embarrassing and uncomfortable accidents from occurring. There are several incontinence pads on the market today that are designed especially for women, but choosing between them can be a frustrating game of hit-or-miss. Below are the top five urinary incontinence pads for women. Keep reading to learn more about these products, so you can find the one that’s right for you.

Top 5 Incontinence Pads for Women

  • Abena AbriSan Pads
  • Poise pads
  • Tranquility pads
  • Attends Pads
  • Tena Pads

Abrena AbriSan Pads

These are cost-effective pads that have quickly developed a reputation for their reliability in trapping urine. They feature a unique side leak guard for additional protection when it comes to containing urine. This allows them to hold a larger volume and makes them appropriate for people with heavy incontinence issues. They are versatile enough to be worn with underwear or in mesh underpants.


  • Abrena AbriSan Pads are some of the cheapest pads available.
  • They contain a unique side leak guard design that makes them reliable, even with heavy incontinence.
  • They are versatile enough to be worn with underwear or in mesh underpants.

Poise Pads

Poise is one of the most experienced companies on the market in terms of dealing with incontinence issues. Poise pads come in a variety of absorbency ratings so that people can balance the appropriate absorbency with the maximum subtlety that everyone with incontinence looks for. Poise pads have undergone extensive testing to ensure that their shape prevents bunching. They contain a unique technology that quickly locks up both the moisture and the odor of urine.


  • Poise pads have been around for many years and have perfected their design.
  • They come in a variety of absorbency ratings to balance subtlety and reliability.
  • They are designed to trap both moisture and odor to keep everyone feeling fresh.

Tranquility Pads

Tranquility constructed their pads with the goal of trapping moisture and odor. They have a moisture-proof backing to keep the moisture and odor locked in. They have undergone extensive testing to maximize their ability to remain dry and control the odor. They contain an adhesive strip to help hold the pad in place. They offer a contoured product to improve their fit. They work well for a variety of incontinence issues.


  • Tranquility pads are built to control moisture and odor with a moisture-proof backing.
  • They come in a variety of shapes so that individuals can find the shape that fits their body best.
  • An adhesive strip prevents the pad from moving around.

Attends Pads

The Attends pads have been designed to absorb moisture quickly. Sometimes, people let out a large volume of urine all at once that other pads may not be able to contain. This volume will not overwhelm the Attends pad, as they work to quickly absorb both moisture and odor. They also come with an adhesive strip to keep the pad in place. This combination makes the pads appropriate for even severe incontinence issues.


  • The Attends pads quickly absorb both moisture and odor.
  • They come with an adhesive strip to keep the pad in the proper position.
  • They work well for severe incontinence issues.

Tena Pads

Tena Pads come in an oval shape that hugs the body in order to prevent moisture from leaking out. This shape also promotes air circulation to help people remain dry. They come in a variety of absorbencies so people can customize the incontinence pad to meet their needs. They even use a pH balance system to help combat odors. They come individually wrapped to help every pad remain fresh.


  • Tena Pads feature an oval shape to help the pad hug the body.
  • They feature an air circulation system to help you remain dry.
  • Tena Pads use a pH system that reacts with the urine to help fight odors.


In the end, there are a wide variety of options for women struggling with urinary incontinence. Schedule an appointment with a medical professional to discuss the pads that are appropriate for your individual needs.