Car rentals make life a lot easier when you are traveling. Whether you are flying in from out of state or you are taking a road trip but don’t want to put the stress on your car, renting a car for your travels is affordable, simple and convenient. Most of the major companies offer similar services but their prices can vary greatly and some companies offer rewards for loyalty. Availability will also affect which company you choose and car selection isn’t always what you’d hope. Your needs may determine which one is best for you, but currently, the best options include Enterprise, Hertz, and Thrifty. Read on to learn more.

Top Rental Car Companies

  • Enterprise
  • Hertz
  • Thrifty


There are about 4,600 Enterprise offices around the nation, and they are even in relatively small towns.  Just about everyone will pick you up these days. One thing Enterprise offers is “carshare” which allows you to rent for just a few hours, which can be very handy. Enterprise also has a low daily rate, and a solid rewards system. Their weekly rates are higher than average. With their rewards program you can move up to a higher level with a certain number of rentals. These rewards can be turned into free upgrades, or even free days of rental of the car.  Another advantage of a big company like this is they can find the car you need easily. It will not be very often you will have to take a car you did not reserve.


  • Enterprise has offices across the country
  • Carshare lets you rent on a short term basis
  • Several levels of rewards programs

Hertz Rentals

Hertz is the place to go if you want a top notch rewards plan and have a big family. You may share your rewards with family, which can be chased in for free daily rentals and other perks.  Hertz puts very few restrictions on its rewards, and you can get enough to use them faster than with other companies.  Their top package has no extra charge for an extra driver. Their weekly rates are competitive but their daily rate is above average as far as cost. You may rent away from the airport faily easily, and they have pickup service available.


  • Offers best rewards program
  • Share rewards points with friends and family
  • One of the largest companies in the US


Thrifty is all about saving you money. Thrifty has the lowest daily rate we have found, and their weekly rates are as good or better than anyone else. The only downside of Thrifty is they are not as widespread as some, and it may be hard to find one of their outlets.  They have a fee for adding drivers, but that fee is below industry average. Thrifty has 470 offices in the United States, and they have 500 in 77 other countries. Thrifty might be a good option if you are traveling to Europe. It takes 500 points in their free rewards program to earn a free day, which is average, They do have some blackout dates when you cannot use points.


  • Lowest rates on rentals
  • 470 offices across the States
  • Cars are always available


These three companies are all good choices depending on what you need. But pay attention to extras that they try to slip in that will raise the prise. If you have car insurance you may not need to buy it from the rental agency. Check with your insurance company. A portable GPS can be used, or a smartphone, so you may not need to pay extra per day for their navigation system.