Subscription boxes are the new trend, especially with millions of individuals choosing to shop online now more than ever. Whether you’re interested in having food delivered or want to indulge in a hobby, there are hundreds of options to choose from. A box subscription great for a houehold or even as a gift, depending on your needs and the type of products you enjoy having delivered right to your front door. Some of the top cheap monthly subscription boxes available on the market today include Birch Box, Graze, Allure Beauty Box, Love With Food Tasting Box, and Squix.

Subscription box contents and prices vary based on where you are located and the amount of goods that are included in each box every month. Be sure to compare subscription types to ensure you are getting the very best deal prior to making a purchase!

Top 5 Cheap Monthly Subscription Boxes

  • Birch Box
  • Graze
  • Allure Beauty Box
  • Love With Food Tasting Box
  • Squix

Birch Box

Birch Box is an affordable subscription with everything from nail polish, perfume, makeup, and skin care products included in each delivered box. Subscribers have a choice of a monthly subscription for $10, or an annual subscription for $110, giving you one month free. With every new subscription, individuals receive an additional free “mystery” gift. Each box contains a total of 5 new beauty products to try before investing in additional items from the brands.


  • Get one month for free when purchasing an anuual subscription
  • Subscribers receive a “mystery” gift 
  • Only $10 per month


Graze is a subscription-based service that provides a variety of snacks to try by rating flavors you prefer and eliminating the type of snacks you are not interested in receiving. Each Graze box is $11.99 regardless of how many boxes you choose to receive each month. Subscriptions are offered weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly based on your budget and needs. Currently, Graze offers more than 100 snacks in total to choose from depending on your preferences and the type of snacks you enjoy most.


  • Each Graze box costs $11.99
  • There are different subscription delivery options available
  • Eight snacks come in each box

Allure Beauty Box

If you have a love for beauty products but aren’t sure which ones to purchase at full retail price, the Allure Beauty Box is an ideal solution to try. Each Allure Beauty Box contains a magazine reporting on the latest trends along with info and tips on how to properly utilize what’s inside the box you receive every month. Brands offered in the Allure Beauty Box range from Estee Lauder and Bobbi Brown to Burberry. Everything from fragrances to makeup and skincare products are provided in each box, allowing you to sample the best products on the market to date.


  • Get one month for free when purchasing an anuual subscription
  • Only $15 per month
  • Each box contains information on the latest trends

Love With Food Tasting Box

Looking for a healthy food subscription service that is appealing and delicious? The Love With Food Tasting Box offers products that do not include trans fats or high fructose corn syrup in any of the snacks delivered, making the subscription a go-to for anyone interested in a healthier diet. Although a traditional subscription to Love With Food Tasting Box is $9.99 monthly, new customers can receive their very first box for just $7.99. All food products included in the service are all natural and organic. Meals are donated to those in need each month you continue your subscription with Love With Food Tasting Box.


  • Products do not include dyes, MSG, or artificial flavoring
  • New subscribers receive a discount on the first box
  • The company donates meals to people in need with every subscription


Enjoy getting rid of germs from your home and surroundings? Squix is a subscription service that helps individuals test germ-fighting products monthly, with new items delivered to you based on preferences and needs. Subscribers have the option to review products before receiving them and can choose from up to 125 items available from Squix. Each month you will receive 3 full-sized products, with an additional fourth product as a bonus gift. Squix also offers a program for those enrolled in ongoing monthly subscriptions, providing the opportunity to gain points in order to receive additional products, discounts, and rewards.


  • There are up to 125 items available
  • Subscriptions come with three full-sized cleaning products per month
  • Subscribers receive a fourth item as a gift

Comparing prices and reviewing the type of products offered within a subscription box service is a way to try new products while also making an ideal gift for anyone you know all-year-round!