If you are self-employed, finding quality, affordable dental health insurance can be difficult. Purchasing your own dental insurance is usually more expensive than job-based coverage, and searching through dozens of dental plans to find the right one can be a daunting task. It is also more difficult to get if you have a pre-existing condition or need specific coverage. The four companies listed below all offer dental insurance for the self-employed that offer more benefits at a somewhat lower annual cost than other dental insurance providers.

Top 4 Dental Insurance Providers for Self-Employed Workers

  • Cigna Dental Insurance Plan
  • Delta Dental Plan
  • Humana Dental Plans
  • Denali Individual Dental Insurance Plans

Cigna Dental Insurance Plan

Cigna Dental Insurance has a plan for the self-employed, which can accompany a Cigna health insurance plan or stand alone. Cigna’s Oral Health Integration Program is combined with each of their dental insurance plans. Their plans cover more than X-rays and routine cleanings, and includes basic care like fillings and basic restorative work, as well as major services like root canals, crowns, and bridges. Choose from the following plans: Cigna Dental Preventive, Cigna Dental 1000 or Cigna Dental 1500.


  • Plan for the self-employed
  • Cigna’s Oral Health Integration Program
  • Choose from Cigna Dental Preventive Cigna Dental 1000, or Cigna Dental 1500 plans

Delta Dental Plan

Delta Dental has a plan for you, whether you’re retired, transitioning from another plan, or are self-employed. Delta is the biggest network in the US, and has more participating dentists than all other insurance coverage programs. Their traditional style plan offers competitive rates, automatic monthly payments, no waiting period after transferring from another dental plan, and almost 100% coverage possible with select dental plans offering twice yearly cleanings and exams. With their new Clear Plan, you will know in advance exactly what will be your share of service costs. There’s no deductibles, no waiting period for your benefits to begin, and no yearly dollar maximums.


  • Traditional style plan offers automatic monthly payments and competitive rates
  • Clear Plan lets you know in advance exactly what will be your share of costs
  • No deductibles, yearly dollar maximums, and no waiting period

Humana Dental Plans

Humana provides several great options for the self-employed. They have affordable plans ranging from full coverage dental, to discount dental plans and supplemental dental plans. No underwriting is involved, which means that you can’t be turned down if you have current or past dental problems. Choose from full-coverage dental, orthodontic discounts, supplemental dental, and discount dental plans which allow you to pay your dentist directly for lower priced services. This plan requires no insurance claims and no paperwork, just direct discounted rate payments directly to your dentist.


  • Affordable plans ranging from full coverage to supplemental and discount plans
  • No underwriting is involved
  • Choose from full-coverage, supplemental dental, orthodontic discounts and discount dental plans

Denali Individual Dental Insurance Plans

Denali Dental Insurance is popular with the self-employed since they’re one of the most benefit-rich dental plans in the US. Plans offer 3 free cleanings a year, no waiting periods, coverage of major services and implants, 2 annual exams, the ability to select your own dentist, and maximums of $1500 to $3500. This plan requires higher yearly maximums than other similar competing dental plans.


  • Popular with the self-employed because they’re one of the most benefit-rich plan in the US
  • Three cleanings a year and two annual exams
  • Requires higher yearly maximums than other competing plans


Finding the right dental plan for your needs while self-employed can be a daunting task, but many dental insurance providers have packages that are designed specifically with self-employed individuals in mind. Before choosing a plan, consider talking to an insurance agent from each of the top four dental insurance plans, so you can find the plan that’s perfect for your needs and budget.