Network equipment providers supply the necessary hardware for devices and machines to communicate on a company wide basis, whether over wireless ethernet or modem. They also provide internet infrastructure to enable web communication in a comprehensive system that includes all necessary routers and switches. Most network companies work with enterprise companies although all operators, whether fixed or mobile, will require network equipment to meet their communication needs. A good network equipment provider will offer a comprehensive network roadmap that seamlessly connects all devices, all necessary equipment and hardware needs, and ongoing customer support. In the current market, Netgear, Juniper Networks, and Linksys are the top 3 network equipment providers. Keep reading to learn more about these best in class network providers.

Top 3 Network Equipment Providers

  • Netgear
  • Juniper Networks
  • Linksys


This network company has resources for home and small offices which differentiates them from many of their competitors. Netgear works mainly with small and medium sized companies, those up to 500 users. Their systems are set up with expansion in mind and can grow along with your company in a relatively seamless manner. Netgear offers complete solutions for both network and storage as well as disaster recovery and virtualization. The complete suite of products that they offer can significantly decrease the number of vendors your company will need to work with. Netgear also partners with service providers and has solutions available for most industries.


  • Complete suite of products that can decrease your number of vendors
  • Solutions for all sizes of businesses across most industries
  • Provides a solution roadmap and all necessary hardware

Juniper Networks

Juniper is a full-service solutions provider and their network offerings are quite extensive. From network management to edge service and operating systems, Juniper will likely have exactly what you need. The Junos Space SDK provides everything that your company will need to allow in-house developers to customize these network systems to meet your exact specifications. In addition to their Junos network management system, their Cloud Analytics Engine helps to optimize work flow, communication and application utilization across both hardware and virtual machines. Juniper’s customer support is known to be responsive and effective in helping your in-house team troubleshoot any issues.


  • Comprehensive suite that allows for in-house customization
  • Well-regarded company with longevity and history of strong customer support
  • The Junos platform includes all necessary hardware including routers and switches


Linksys offers both managed and unmanaged network switches and systems. If your company has a robust IT department that can manage these devices in-house, the cost savings can be substantial. Part of the overall Belkin company, Linksys enjoys a strong backing company that provides the resources necessary for them to be responsive and agile with their solutions and customer support. This company works with small business up to large enterprises and has the knowledge and expertise to meet the needs of all sized businesses in-between. This provider is perfect for tech savvy companies that are mainly looking to fill the equipment needs for their in-house solutions.


  • Managed and unmanaged switches and systems, depending on your needs
  • Full suite of switches and hardware
  • Customer support available 24/7 for both managed and unmanaged equipment users


Network equipment providers can vary quite a lot and these top 3 offer the most comprehensive suite of services to meet all of your networking needs.