If you own a retail business, acquiring a cash register is probably at the top of your list. Accepting cards is one thing, but accepting cash is a requirement of any retail business. These days there are a huge variety of cash registers to choose from with some more complicated than others. Choosing the right cash register for your business can be a challenge, especially if you have a lot of employees because if you purchase a cash register that is too complex, you’ll have to put in more time towards training everyone to use it. At the same time, a more innovative cash register or a top-rated POS system can keep your cash safer, and potentially save you time and money. If you are looking for the right cash register for your business, check out these great options.

Best Cash registers

  • Sharp XEA407
  • Datio Base Station
  • Aldelo Pro

Sharp XEA407

If you are looking for something with a classic design, the Sharp XEA407 Advanced Reporting Cash Register is easy to use and features an easy to learn interface. The register offers up to 7,000 price look ups and features an eight-line display and seven customer display digits. It can print dual receipts, separating your copy and the customer’s copy. With 32GB SD card computer connectivity, you can store more data. Separate your sales into 99 customizable departments and allow up to 40 clerk IDs. Each register features 6 coin compartments and five compartments for bills. Integrate your cash register with Quickbooks Pro and improve the efficiency of your business. At less than $300, this affordable cash register is a must-have for small businesses.


  • 7,000 price look ups
  • Allows for 40 clerk IDs
  • Works with Quickbooks Pro.

Datio Base Station

Great for fast-paced restaurants and retail businesses with a quick turnaround, the Datio Base Station features an integrated point of sale software, a cash drawer, a printer, a scanner and even a credit card reader – everything you need to make a sale all in one convenient space. The Datio Base Station makes transactions smoother and quicker, so your business can improve and grow. It’s easy to set up and there are no contracts required for POS services. You will, however, need an iPad to use the Datio POS software which is not included. Easier to use that a typical cash register, employees will learn how to make a sale in no time at all.


  • Printer, scanner, card reader and cash drawer included
  • Use simple Datio POS software
  • Uses an iPad as a display (not included)

Aldelo Pro

The Aldelo Pro cash register provides greater efficiency and speed for quick-service retail stores. The dual-station cash register allows for improved sales and each of the two terminals comes with a dedicated thermal receipt printer, so it’s like getting two registers for the price of one. Powered by a quad-core CPU and run on Windows 10, almost anyone that owns a real computer can easily learn how to use this cash register. It can even be controlled with a keyboard and mouse. The register also features a 128GB SSD for storage. Included is a cash drawer and two credit card readers for non-cash transactions. It offers one of the best POS systems on the market for restaurants and bars and is already used by thousands of businesses across the country. Customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and you’ll get up to 30 days of standard care support for any problems that occur, including training, hardware, and set-up.


  • Dual-station cash register
  • Uses a Windows 10 operating system
  • Free standard care for 30 days


In retail, speed, and efficiency is everything if you want to improve your business. The best cash registers on the market can help you meet your sales goals and potentially surpass them. Check out the great cash register options mentioned above and start your training your employees to use it in no time at all!