You just bought a new car and noticed the first smudge of dirt on the brand new carpeting. It’s time to find a car floor mat able to keep all the mud, snow, sand, and dirt out of the carpeting and protect the car’s value over time. The best replacement car floor mats are sized specifically for your make and model so that every corner is covered. They should be easy to remove and come clean with a simple blast of your hose. Most quality mats are priced competitively, so take your time to find one that best suits your needs and lifestyle. The top-selling aftermarket car floor mats include WeatherTech, Husky Weather Beaters, Intro-Tech Hexomat, and Lund Catch-It mats. Read on to find out what you need to know about these high-quality car floor mats.

Top-Rated Car Floor Mats

  • WeatherTech
  • Husky WeatherBeaters
  • Intro-Tech Hexomat
  • Lund Catch-It

WeatherTech Digital Floor Mats

Possibly the best-recognized brand of aftermarket car floor mats comes from WeatherTech. Their Digital mats use a laser scan of your model of car to create perfectly fitted mats that are durable and weather resistant. Made from heavy-duty semi-flexible materials, they are intended to be removed from your car for a quick rinse to keep them clean. You can buy just a pair of front mats or have one made for your cargo area, too. Prices start at $60 and run up to $100. They are available from new car dealers,, pet stores, and big box stores like Walmart with competitive pricing.


  • Designed for each model
  • Cargo Trays available
  • Rinse off mud and dirt

Husky WeatherBeaters

Husky WeatherBeaters are the closest competitor to WeatherTech. Their mats feature and extra tall sidewalls so that dirt, snow, and mud have no chance of getting to your carpet. They guarantee their mats to stand up to tons of abuse with a lifetime warranty. Many floor mats available from other sources leave areas of carpeting exposed. WeatherBeaters protect it all. You can find a good bargain for $61.95 from and run up to $130 for a complete set including the cargo liner.


  • Extra tall sidewalls
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Covers the entire floor

Intro-Tech Hexomat

If you are less worried about protecting your floors from dirt and mud, you might to check out the Intro-Tech Hexomat. These mats are made in black, which will complement your special sport edition vehicle. Its hexagonal tread is eye-catching and fairly efficient at trapping fluid under the hexes so that your shoes have a chance to dry by the end of your commute. These mats are made as a single piece to run across the entire front or rear row, which lowers the price of the unit. Prices begin at just $45 from Intro-Tech, but make sure that the mat will actually fit your vehicle before ordering to prevent disappointment.


  • Unique hexagonal tread
  • Traps liquids away from shoes
  • Designer black color

Lund Catch-It Mats

If you struggle with your mud and snow covered boots creating puddles in your car that ends up getting the hem of your pants wet, the Lund Catch-It Mat may be the perfect solution. These chunky mats feature deep drainage channels and the arced mat allows all the water to run off to the side away from your shoes and pants. The deep ridges not only channel water, they also serve as a spot to clean off your boots. The extra deep side walls prevent any of the mess escaping and causing damage to your ride. You will pay a little more for Catch-It mats with prices starting at $112 at, but if you have a supersized problem, it’s worth it.


  • Drains liquid away from shoes and pants
  • Ridges for cleaning off shoes
  • Extra tall side walls


It is always recommended to check the manufacturer website to see if they make a mat that is sized right for your vehicle before buying. Once your mats are in place, you will be able to leave the worry of clean carpets behind.