Obtaining a graphic design degree or certificate online is a way to expand opportunities within the graphics arts communities for future potential job offerings and career opportunities. Taking the most fitting and ideal courses in graphic design allows you to build your own portfolio while appearing more professional and qualified for the jobs you are most interested in. Knowing the top 5 Graphic Design Lessons online is not only a way to get a head start with designing digitally from home, but it is also a method of improving skills and building a portfolio to assist in landing the job or lifelong profession of your dreams.

Top 5 Online Graphic Design Schools

  • DeVry University
  • Full Sail University
  • Academy of Art University
  • International Academy of Design and Technology
  • Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

Learn more about the benefits of obtaining a degree in graphic design online, the top schools available for pursuing the degree, and perks of each university you have an interest in enrolling in. 

Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University was originally founded in 1929 and offers a complete bachelor's degree for those who desire to further their education in the realm of design.  In addition to providing bachelor's degrees in graphic design, the institution also grants graduate students the ability to further their education by obtaining a Master's degree through higher-level courses.


  • Each course requires three units to be completed, ultimately requiring less time to obtain your degree
  • Programs are available year-round for students with hectic schedules
  • School tuition is per unit, rather than paying the entire tuition at once

DeVry University

DeVry University online is not solely dedicated to graphic design, although it offers an affordable method of obtaining a degree online for those seeking a bachelor's degree that is right for them. The total cost of a degree from DeVry University online is around $46,000. DeVry University also provides multimedia courses to engage students in learning even more about their sought after profession. DeVry works to assimilate both graphic and web design together, giving students an edge when seeking new positions that require higher qualifications. In addition to better understanding both graphic and web design, DeVry prepares their students with marketing knowledge and insight to further future career opportunities. 


  • Multimedia courses available
  • Total cost for a degree from DeVry starts at around $46,000
  • Focuses on marketing knowledge and insight to enhance career opportunities

International Academy of Design and Technology

The International Academy of Design and Technology offers the tools necessary for students to familiarize themselves with the latest use of technology that is relevant to graphic design and current trends. The academy's environment is solely focused on art and graphic design for like-minded students. It is possible to obtain an associate's and bachelor's degree through the academy online. There is also an option to reduce total costs of tuition from IADT by seeking out accelerated programs and discussing your options with your college counselor or advisor. The academy provides the most modern software for students to maintain excellence with current standards of graphic design.


  • Associate's and bachelor's degree options available
  • Soley focused on art and grapic design
  • Uses the most modern software for teaching current standards of graphic design

Art Institute of Pittsburgh

Obtaining a degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh is ideal for those searching to obtain an associate's or bachelor's degree in graphic design from home. If you are new to graphic design it is possible to dive into coursework immediately once you register and enroll. In addition to providing all at-home work to obtain a degree, the Art Institute of Pittsburgh also offers accelerated courses that are only 5.5 weeks at a time. Tuition required is per credit hour, providing more financial freedom. All courses through the Art Institute of Pittsburgh can be completed online from anywhere you are located.


  • Tuition charged per credit hour
  • All courses can be completed online
  • Associate's or bachelor's degree options available

Full Sail University

Full Sail University not only provides a bachelor's degree in graphic design, but also a master's in design, all located online. Once a student has obtained their bachelor's degree from Full Sail University, they are able to then enroll in the masters in media design courses to enhance their skills with more advanced design techniques that are most relevant to today's design standards. Students will also understand more advanced design techniques used with various media platforms to expand knowledge of branding and marketing prior to graduation. Full Sail offers one of the most affordable programs, totaling $14,190 in tuition for a bachelor's degree online. Complementary programs and certificates are available for students already enrolled. In some cases, students of Full Sail are asked to shape the future of computerized classrooms to further their careers in the field.


  • Master's in design option available
  • Offers one of the most affordable programs, at just $14,190 tuition for a bachelor's degree
  • Complementory programs and certificates are also available to enrolled students


Understanding the importance of completing online graphic design lessons is essential to maintain an understanding of the current design, UI, and UX trends—whether you are a graphic artist yourself or work in various facets of the online digital creative world.