Fiduciary financial advisors are financial advisors who are legally obligated to act in your best interest. With a fiduciary financial advisor, you can be confident in their ability to help you, as well as establish them as a someone you can trust. Without a fiduciary financial advisor, you may be taking advice from a financial advisor with limited knowledge and zero accountability. And only through a fiduciary financial advisor can one avoid conflicts of interest and corporate sabotage. To better ensure the safety and security of your financial situation, hiring a competent fiduciary financial advisor is the logical choice. Out there you can find numerous fiduciary financial advisors with the knowledge and experience to help you. But before you do, it’s important to consider a few questions when determining the qualifications of your financial advisor.

Questions to Ask

Questions for a financial advisor should involve a great deal of research into their philosophies, methodology, and transparency. Some insight into their practices will be able to give you a better idea as to whether the financial advisor in question is indeed a true-blue fiduciary financial advisor. Before meeting with a financial advisor or whether researching on your own, prepare these questions.


  • What is their approach towards investment?
  • What processes do they implement in their investment strategies?
  • How and what will you actually be billed for?
  • How often will they monitor investments?

Top 3 Fiduciary Financial Advisors

Halbert Hargrove works hard to provide investors with sound advice so that its customers get all the benefits. As a fee-only business, clients can be sure they are in safe hands and that Halbert Hargrove will work hard for you with the knowledge and effort necessary to help you in every way possible.

Halbert Hargrove Highlights:

  • Established in 1933
  • Company focuses on accountability and attentiveness
  • Anticipates risks and acts accordingly

Wescott Financial Advisory Group is a financial advising company that actually focuses on the client. Sporting a combination of experience and learned credentials, the Wescott Financial Advisory Group will work to assess your individual circumstance and apply the best approach to your situation. With a unique style and philosophy, they may be the best way towards financial success.

Wescott Financial Advisory Highlights:

  • Implements unique financial planning
  • Focuses on client’s dreams and financial objectives
  • Reached the market peak in the year 2000

Creative Planning provides comprehensive and customized financial planning for its clients. As an RIA company, clients can be sure they are getting a true fiduciary advisor. Creative Planning is composed of independent advisors with no broker dealer affiliation and does not engage in conflict of interests. And with same day responses to inquiries and detale plans sent to clients in less than a week, clients can be sure they are getting their money’s worth.

Creative Planning Highlights:

  • Fees are well below the average mutual fund
  • Has been ranked #1 Independent Advisor In America by Barron’s for 3 consecutive years
  • A financial planning firm with over 30 years of experience


With a fiduciary financial advisor from companies like Halbert Hargrove, Wescott and Creative Planning, you can be sure you are getting the most reliable advice with minimal risk. As fiduciary advisors, they are obligated by law and by their own sense of responsibility, to help make client’s dreams a reality.