Virtualization software allows you to expand your OS capabilities without having to add additional hardware. These top three virtualization software products will help you to get more out of the system that you currently have and increase operating, storage, and backup capabilities. In today’s computing environment, hacks are more and more common and disruptive. By operating on a virtual machine you are able to recover from a hack by easily restoring your system that has been saved on the VM. Virtualization may sound confusing at first but the capabilities are fairly straightforward and easy to integrate. Keep reading to learn more about how Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion, and Oracle VM Virtual Box can help make your systems more seamless.

Top 3 Virtualization Software Products

  • Parallels Desktop
  • VMware Fusion
  • Oracle VM Virtual Box

Parallels Desktop

Many businesses that prefer the Mac OS also require Windows-based programs for their work. Parallels allows you to install a virtual desktop that will run any Windows-based program that you require. This system looks and acts like you are on a PC and all programs will integrate with other users that you share files with. This is a seamless option that allows you to run programs built for both OS and PC at a fraction of the cost.


  • Affordable price point starts at $79.99
  • Most integrated and seamless way to utilize both Mac and PC programs on one machine
  • Parallels Desktop is user-friendly and will not cause a massive slowdown within your system>/li>

VMware Fusion

Used more at an enterprise level, VMware’s Fusion virtualization software allows for the sharing of machines across systems, and in addition to integrating between Mac and Windows, it also supports all Linux programs. This software allows the sharing of files from one machine to another virtual machine thus creating an entire network of fully linked and seamlessly integrated virtual machines.


  • Low price point of $79.99 for one machine
  • Capability far beyond just converting one desktop machine; can be used on an enterprise-wide basis
  • Compatible between Mac, Windows and Linux to cover all program requirements

Oracle VM Virtual Box

This free software can help to increase your network capabilities it is a bit less user-friendly than some of the similar packages available. Oracle’s VM Virtual Box is a good option for people that have a strong tech team that can integrate this system in spite of its rough edges. For the experienced tech user, this free option offers as much integration and expansion as its commercial counterparts.


  • Free, as in $0.00 cost for this virtual software
  • Allows user to drag and drop files between operating systems
  • Runs a large number of Intel based OSes that are popular at the enterprise level


These top three virtualization software products can help to increase network capabilities several fold or simply allow one user to run Windows software on a Mac. The possibilities are nearly limitless and allow companies to expand their networks without the expense of purchasing additional hardware.