Secondary health insurance can protect you from expensive medical bills that aren’t covered by standard insurance plans! With healthcare costs rising, more people are struggling with copayments, deductibles and coinsurance payments. Secondary health insurance plans offer relief by sending money directly to patients following qualifying healthcare events. This money is meant for medical bills, but it can also be used for rent, utilities and various other expenses. Here we’ll review three of the best secondary health insurance providers. If your budget is strained by rising healthcare expenses, then read on to find the best secondary insurance options.


Aflac is a well-known supplemental insurance company that offers plans to individuals, families and employees. The company’s secondary health insurance options are for accident insurance, cancer insurance, critical illness insurance, hospital insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance and short-term disability insurance. Aflac’s hospital insurance plan processes payments in just one day while offering a wide range of optional benefits to make policies fit each customer.


  • Plans for individuals, families and employers.
  • One-day payment processing.
  • Hospital plan has customizable benefits.


Cigna is a full-service health insurance provider that also offers supplemental healthcare plans. With free quotes available online, Cigna customers can choose from four types of health-related secondary insurance—these are accident expense insurance, lump sum cancer insurance, cancer treatment insurance and lump sum heart attack and stroke insurance. With the latter plan, clients can choose select benefit amounts of either $5,000 or $100,000 to use in the event of a heart attack, stroke or other eligible health event. This valuable coverage can cost as little as $19 per month.


  • Free quotes available online.
  • Cigna offers a full range of health insurance products.
  • Two choices of supplemental cancer insurance.


UnitedHealthcare is another strong provider of secondary health insurance plans. This provider offers more options than Cigna or Aflac. Customers can choose from hospital and doctor insurance, vision insurance, critical illness insurance, student health insurance, accident insurance, hospitalization insurance, disability insurance and travel medical insurance. UnitedHealthcare also offers short-term health insurance policies for people who need more thorough coverage but are going through periods of transition. The SafeTrip International Travel Protection plan is great for people who are frequent travelers, offering several benefits not usually covered by standard insurance such as up-front medical expense assistance and providing assistance with lost or stolen passports.


  • Most options of these top providers.
  • Offers short-term health insurance.
  • The SafeTrip International Travel Protection plan protects travelers from unexpected health events overseas.


Want to plan ahead for rising or unexpected medical costs? If so, secondary insurance can help. Choose secondary insurance plans that each provide unique coverage, such as providing for uncovered hospital bills or providing allowances for dental or vision benefits. Most of these plans are available for low monthly premiums, but the payoff from being prepared can be life-changing. Learn more with these top-rated insurance providers.