The world of online schooling has established itself as a valid, important and continually growing sector within the arena of educational institutions. One area where this is apparent can be found with the number of quality online educational programs today.  Due to technological advancements and the nature of art programs, many online art schools lead the way in online educational and training.  Online institutions such as SCAD (the Savannah College of Art and Design) and Liberty University have both made the U.S. News and World Report list as top schools.  Southern New Hampshire University is one of the fastest growing schools in the country while one of the most established, AI (the Art Institute of Pittsburgh) has been offering online courses since 2000.

Top 4 Art Training Programs Online

  • SCAD (the Savannah College of Art and Design)
  • Liberty University
  • Southern New Hampshire University
  • AI (The Art Institute of Pittsburgh)

SCAD (the Savannah College of Art and Design)

    Ranking number 11 on the U.S. News and World Report list of online bachelor programs, SCAD prides itself for high standards and its diverse learning opportunities.  The many awards received and the impressive placement rate help make SCAD a premier online art school.

  • 97% job placement within 10 months of graduating as reported by graduates.
  • Student resources like resume and portfolio development and networking opportunities.
  • Recipient of the ‘Excellence in Distance Learning Teaching Award,’ from the United States Distance Learning Association.

Liberty University

With more than 80,000 students and recognition by U.S. News & World Report, Liberty has established itself as a premier online learning institution.  They offer a BFA in graphic design through their Communications and Creative Arts program.


  • On and off campus course options and no distinction between traditional or online diplomas.
  • A SACSCOC accredited school.
  • Eight week course format with excellent schedule flexibility.

Southern New Hampshire University

This private, nonprofit facility with more than 60,000 students is highly regarded for its online programs.  Offering a BA in graphic design and media arts, this program like every program at Southern New Hampshire is firmly rooted in the principles of creative problem solving and aesthetics.


  • Focused programs in Graphic Design and Media Arts/3D Modeling
  • Free tutorial services through Smarthinking Tutoring Services.
  • 24/7 Classroom access via Blackboard.

AI (The Art Institute of Pittsburgh)

Founded in 1921 means they have been around awhile, for the past 16 years that includes online educational classes and programs.  With a strong focus and emphasis on teaching students skills that translate into real world applications, AI also offers career services teams to assist students with career opportunities.


  • Multiple accreditations including The Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools.
  • Practical skills developed like computer graphic skills, typography and color theory.
  • An interactive online platform designed to engage students using text, animation and video.


The reasons for choosing an online schooling option can be many and varied.  There can also be better student/teacher ratios online and more flexible class scheduling options.  Whatever the reasons and regardless of the benefits it all depends on getting into an established and reputable school.  The confidence, skills and education afforded by quality online educational institutions can’t be duplicated.  Students, employers and companies have recognized the importance of education for years, and now it has never been easier.  Yes, the work can be hard and yes, there is an expense.  This will be the hardest work you may ever love, however, and the best investment you may ever make.  Starting with any school in the mold of the ones found here can be the beginning of the rest of your life.  This is education that works.