This tried and true model from Ford has a few enhancements for the 2018 model year, but for the most part, it seems that the company stuck with the mindset of “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”. There are four new paint colors available with this year as well as five new wheel designs, new fog lights, and grille options. If you opt for the Explorer or Platinum packages you will enjoy a sporty quad exhaust system and the much racier twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 engine. Inside, you will have the option to add an embedded hotspot into your vehicle. There are not a great deal of changes to the interior, but the ones made will likely prove impactful to many buyers.

Ford Pass System

The Ford Pass system continues to be popular and it is now even better with the introduction of the new Sync Connect feature. This allows passengers to enjoy all of the benefits of the Ford Pass system, which is now even better when paired with the in-vehicle hotspot option. If you are looking for a fully connected vehicle that provides all the room that an active family requires, take another look at the 2018 Ford Explorer. This smart system will allow you to access the vehicle system remotely, which means no more running back outside to double check that you have locked the car! It also means no more cold starts on winter mornings and a synchronized maintenance system.


  • Optional Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Remote vehicle access
  • Remove engine start

Bundled Safety Features

If safety is important to you, the 2018 Explorer aims to please. The manufacturer is now bundling a number of their most popular safety features into the newly retooled Safe and Smart Package. This new and enhanced package offers such features as adaptive cruise control along with collision warning and brake support. It also has blind spot warning, cross-traffic alert, keep-in-lane-assist, automatic high beams and rain-sensing automatic wipers. All of these enhanced safety features allow both the driver as well as the passengers to enjoy a transportation experience that is more than just comfortable.


  • Reconfigured Safe and Smart package
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Electronic safety features

Eight Trim Levels

There are a total of eight trims available with the 2018 Ford Explorer, with price points ranging from $31,990 to $53,940. Base trim offers most of all you will need, from 4x4 driving to front wheel drive add-ons. The Limited, Sport, and Platinum trims offer enhanced engines from 365hp - 280hp. The main variances are between full-wheel and front wheel drives as well as the additional six color options. The Base trim is pretty comprehensive and most options that you require will be included in this option.


  • 4x4 on all trims
  • Engine options up to 365 hp
  • Luxury features in upper trims


If you have an active family that needs a lot of room the Explorer makes for a great choice! This vehicle enjoys 18 - 20 mpg while providing all the room you need for family members as well as gear and equipment. The Ford Explorer is consistently ranked well for both safety and reliability and is worth a look if you are seeking a new SUV for 2018.