Meal delivery services have burst onto the convenience food market with no signs of slowing down. Initially, these prepackaged boxes of ingredients were thought to be a passing trend. However, these genius alternatives to take-out meals have evolved from a fad to a fabulous addition to the home chef’s repertoire. Blue Apron, the pioneer of home meal kits, debuted in 2012 and inspired a generation of chefs to offer home meal kits. The allure of home meal kits lies in its ability to deliver quality ingredients, a variety of cuisines, and convenient preparation for a range of home chefs. Three top meal kit home delivery services are Purple Carrot, PeachDish, and Blue Apron. Read on to learn more about these top-rated options.

Top 3 Meal Delivery Services

  • Purple Carrot
  • PeachDish
  • Blue Apron


PurpleCarrot is a novel meal delivery service that sets itself apart from the pack. PurpleCarrot distinguishes itself from its competitors as an exclusively vegetarian meal kit home delivery service. Additionally, famed New York Time’s food columnist, Mark Bittman, is PurpleCarrot’s Chief Innovation Officer. The author of several best-selling vegan cookbooks, Bittman creates PurpleCarrot’s recipes.

PurpleCarrot currently offers two subscription options. Subscribers can choose a 1 to 2 person plan that delivers three meals weekly (two services each) or a 3 to 4 person plan for two weekly meals (four services each.) The menus feature exotic ingredients full of flavor. Home chefs from a range of abilities can easily prepare recipes such as Yaki Onigiri with Edamame Cabbage and Carrot Ginger Dressing.

PurpleCarrot provides all of the necessary ingredients; however, they assume your pantry has vegetable oil, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Additionally, PurpleCarrot meal kits require no specialized kitchen equipment or gadget. This vegetarian home delivery service omits the hassle of freshly prepared meals while maintaining the pleasure and providing convenience. Most PurpleCarrot recipes need approximately forty minutes to prepare.


  • Vegetarian recipes
  • Recipes endorsed by famed vegetarian chef and NY Times Food columnist
  • No special equipment or ingredients needed

Peach Dish

Offering a menu of traditional Southern-American fare, PeachDish features three dishes per meal. Each week, PeachDish patrons can choose which meals they want to be delivered for the week. Alternatively, PeachDish will ship meals based on the subscriber’s meal preferences and profile. All meal ingredients are pre-measured, leaving nothing to chance. Home chefs enjoy preparing their meals without the unpleasant elements of cooking. PeachDish home delivery meals are a pleasure to prepare.

Beyond the tasty Southern fare, the feature of PeachDish meal kits that earn it a top spot is its three-course meals. Menus include an entree, side dish, and vegetable. Chicken Breast Stuffed with Fontina & Apple over Mashed Potatoes is one example of their blending traditional cuisine with a surprising flavor twist. Before choosing the meal, PeachDish will tell you what ingredients and kitchen equipment you’ll need to prepare it at home. Meals average $25 for two servings.


  • Choose your delivery day
  • Personalized menu
  • A la carte menu options

Blue Apron

The pioneer of home delivery meal kits, Blue Apron offers a plan for couples and families. Their repertoire of recipes is vast and encompasses seasonal specialties, traditional favorites, and emerging trends. The cuisines hail from over a dozen of ethnicities, such as Thai, Caribbean, Korean and more. Cooking time and nutritional information is available for each recipe.

Each week, the culinary team assembles your box of specially selected recipes. Plans for couples will be filled with three recipes, while family plans include four recipes. The insulated boxes arrive at your doorstep ready for you to assemble and heat. To elevate your home culinary experience, Blue Apron offers a wine delivery service to accompany the meal selection. Sized for two, the wines are portioned to 2/3 of a traditional bottle—perfect for couples!


  • Variety of cuisines
  • Seasonal, farm-fresh ingredients
  • Optional wine pairings


Busy professionals, couples, and families enjoy the benefit of home delivery meal kit services for their convenience, variety, and range of flavors. Blue Apron, PeachDish, and PurpleCarrot are the top three home delivery meal kit services. These three offer distinct advantages to the home chef which allows you to enjot the pleasure of cooking without the hassle of shopping for ingredients.