When it comes to the most reliable car brands, the Toyota Sienna has a long and impressive track record of safe, reliable, and efficient cars. The 2016 Toyota Sienna is no different. This minivan is filled with impressive technology, numerous airbags, and the latest in comfort to keep every passenger happy. Below, the 2016 Sienna L, LE, SE, and XLE will be compared to make sure anyone making a purchase will select the best option for their family.

2016 Toyota Sienna trim levels:

  • L
  • LE
  • SE
  • XLE

2016 Toyota Sienna L

The 2016 Toyota Sienna L is the basic model for this minivan. It features 17-inch alloy wheels and halogen headlights that will automatically turn on and off. The mirrors are powered for easy adjustment and feature blind spot detection. The windshield wipers come with a de-icer. To prevent theft, the engine comes with an automatic immobilizer in case someone breaks in. On the inside, it seats seven people comfortably. It features an Etune Audio radio that boasts the latest in technology. The front, middle, and rear rows each come with their own climate to keep everyone comfortable. It even has a backup camera.


  • The 2016 Toyota Sienna L includes 17-inch, alloy wheels.
  • It has an automatic engine immobilizer to prevent theft.
  • A backup camera makes reversing safe for everyone.

2016 Toyota Sienna LE

The 2016 Toyota Sienna LE is the first model above the basic level and includes a few improvements. The wheels are now 18-inches with additional spokes that provide increased stability. The front-grille and mirrors are now colored to the body of the car, offering a sleek and improved look. The doors are automatic and powered to make entering and exiting the vehicle easier. The glass is tinted for increased privacy. On the inside, the minivan seats 8 people and comes with retractable sunroofs in the second and third rows.


  • The 2016 Toyota Sienna LE is the first model above the basic model.
  • It has larger wheels and colors on the mirrors that match the car body.
  • It seats 8 people and has retractable sunroofs.

2016 Toyota Sienna SE

The 2016 Toyota Sienna SE is a luxury minivan. The headlights come with daytime running LED lights. The headlights also have a fog setting for cutting through the dense air. The front is an impressive sport mesh grille. The mirrors are heated to ensure they never fog up. The inside has leather trimming and heated seats to keep everyone warm. The dashboard features a sport instrumentation display packed with essential information for the driver and passengers. The SE also has a premium package available that offers blind spot alerts and alerts for crossing rear traffic that keep people safer. The premium package also offers a power tilt moonroof and chrome accents on the handle. Driers can request an upgrade to their keys that will include a remote start. People can also program the premium package to detect and respond to their voice. In desired, families with kids may be interested in adding a Blue-ray player or an HDMI port for enhanced entertainment.


  • The 2016 Toyota Sienna SE comes with daytime running LED lights and fog lights
  • The dashboard has an impressive information display that keeps everyone properly informed
  • Families may desire to add the Blueray player to keep children quiet and entertained.

The 2016 Toyota XLE

The 2016 Toyota XLE is the ultimate in minivan luxury. The front of the van features a metallic front grille with chrome accents. The door handles feature a touch sensor to easily lock and unlock the van. The seats fold down to offer increased storage space. The car comes with voice recognition and Bluetooth integration software. The premium package comes with a parking assistance function. Blue Ray player with HDMI outlets and satellite radio are available additions for the XLE. Drivers can also add a navigation application to the dashboard.


  • The 2016 Toyota XLE is the premier luxury minivan and features an impressive metallic and chrome exterior.
  • The seats fold down for increased storage space.
  • A premium package offers parking assistance and satellite radio.


When it comes to selecting the correct trim for a family, be sure to review every model that the 2016 Toyota Sienna has to offer. As trim increases, the cost will rise but so will the amenities. Regardless of the selection, the minivan is reliable is safe.