The oven is perhaps one of the most important kitchen appliances in your home. Choosing the right oven can be a bit difficult, because besides cooking your food effectively, you want it to look good in your kitchen. And of course, you want to get the best deal too. You’ll also need to choose between gas or electric range, depending on if there is an existing connection or if you can have one installed. There are different types of heat available as well. While many models use conventional heat, there are some luxury models that have more heat options such as convection heating. The top oven options provide tons of cooking space and the latest cooking innovations. Read on to learn about the top oven options for your home.

Top Oven Options

  • GE Freestanding Electric Double Oven and Convection Range
  • LG Electric Single Oven Range with EasyClean and True Convection
  • Samsung Gas Range with Fan Convection Oven and Self-Cleaning

GE Freestanding Electric Double Oven and Convection Range

This oven has plenty of options, and it’s great for those that don’t usually cook huge meals and need their food cooked faster. Instead of heating up your whole oven for a smaller meal, use the top oven, which is smaller for faster cooking. There is 6.6 cubic feet of capacity, with the top cavity containing 2.2 and the lower 4.4. The bottom oven uses convection, where a fan is used to blow the hot air around in the oven to help speed up the cooking process. There is a lot of flexibility with this oven for the price of $1,200.


  • Uses Convection for Faster Cooking
  • Two Oven Spaces Allow for Cooking Two Things at Once
  • Versatile Cooking Options

LG Electric Single Oven Range with EasyClean and True Convection

This oven and range has some great features and is a no-thrills oven that will cook your food quickly. The inside is 6.3 cubic feet in size and has blue enamel, which helps it cook with convection. There is a lower and upper heating element and one in the back of the fan, so it is truly cooking your food fast. Not only will the oven cook your food faster, but so will the cook top. The interior enamel self-cleans in only 20 minutes by just using water, making it ahead of the competition. No longer do you have to sit and wait for hours for your self-cleaning feature to work and heat up your whole house. The oven retails for $999, although it typically goes on sale and sometimes can be seen for $699.


  • Easy Clean Feature
  • Fast Cooking
  • Affordable

Samsung Gas Range with Fan Convection Oven and Self-Cleaning

This oven is a great choice for those who have gas hookups but don’t want to blow the bank with a new oven. It has a great, sleek look to it. The oven has a 5.8 cubic foot capacity and plenty of space to cook that big family dinner. The range gives you gas burners that can help give you more flexibility, based on the food you want to cook, with a griddle for bacon, pancakes, and more. The self-cleaning setting makes cleaning a breeze and, while it retails for $1,099, the oven has been seen on sale as low as $808. This makes it a good choice for those on a budget. 


  • Gas Range That Is Affordable
  • Control and Versatility
  • Self-Cleaning Feature


When you are on the hunt for a new oven, choosing one that will cook your food fast and has some great self-cleaning options, so you never have to waste time cleaning, is the way to go. Whether you need an electric or gas oven, there are some great options that won’t break the bank.