Want to avoid getting caught in a speed trap? If so, you might want to learn about the latest and greatest Escort radar detectors. Escort’s products can alert drivers when police are using radar guns and traffic cameras on the road ahead, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars by reminding you to slow down. The latest radar detectors can even product HUDs on your windshield or dashboard for an even safer driving experience. Radar detectors are legal in most states, and they’re easily mounted on the dash as to not obstruct your field of vision. We’ve reviewed the best Escort radar detectors to get you started in choosing the right model. Read on to learn more about your options.

Top 5 Escort Radar Detectors:

  • Passport model 9500xi
  • Passport model 8500ci
  • Max 2
  • Whistler cr90
  • Valentine One

Passport model 9500xi

The Passport model 9500xi Radar Detector senses police radar devices and makes sure you are not caught by hidden speed traps or cameras. The Escort’s GPS protects you with location-based radar tracking. It measures your speed and automatically varies the radar strength for maximum protection. When traveling on the highway, the radar detector is on full alert for the best possible performance. When you slow down to city speeds, the 9500ix turns down the sensitivity of the radar bands to help eliminate false alerts.


  • All-band radar and laser detection
  • 360-degree detection
  • Suction cup mounting system

Passport model 8500ci (Escort Passport 8500ci Plus)

The Passport model 8500ci is configured for cutting edge edgy performance. It features a miniature display controller and a bright LED display that shows clear information.

(Note: The model 8500ci has been replaced by the Escort Passport 8500ci Plus). The new Passport 8500 CI Plus is a comprehensive radar/laser detector powered by GPS. The 8500ci Plus has full radar capability, Bluetooth wireless technology, digital signal processing and minimal false alarms, as well as audible and visual alerts.


  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Multi-Colored LED Display
  • Spanish voice text

Max 2 (same as MAXII)

The new Passport Max ll provides the maximum in range and accuracy and delivers state of the art performance. Constructed with Bluetooth technology, the Max ll comes pre-loaded with red light and speed camera locations. Brilliant new graphics illuminate the multi-color display. LED Backlit Icons identify threats at a glance.


  • Preloaded Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • LED Backlit Icons

Whistler Cr90

The Whistler Cr90 Radar Detector is a fully featured high end dash model laser-radar detector. The CR90 has a built-in GPS database to alert you to speed and red light traffic camera locations in the US and Canada and is updatable via USB. This high performance radar detector includes Ka sensitivity and advanced false alert reduction via TFSR and 6 filter modes. The CR90 detects all the latest laser guns in use in the US and also features an external audio jack, low emission design, and selectable vehicle battery saver.


  • Six filter modes
  • External audio jack
  • Battery-saving tech

Valentine One

The Valentine One is one of the best radar detectors on the market. It boasts multiple radar antennas, one forward and one facing the rear. These antennas in tandem give you a precision reading of the strength of the radar signal and the number of radar units that are detected. The device also informs you of the direction the signal is coming from. The Valentine One provides the best detection of any radar device on the market today.


  • Multiple antennas
  • 3-mode detection
  • Popular sellers


Radar detectors are good investments for people who frequently find themselves speeding, and Escort is one of the leading producers of radar detector equipment. The Passport models are possibly Escort’s best products. Make sure to do your research and check your local laws before buying a radar detector.