The HTC may not get as much hype or recognition as the iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy, but the HTC 10 offers unbeatable performance, outstanding visuals and exceptional sound, in many ways making the HTC 10 the superior phone. The new HTC 10 offers industry-leading features and technology that you won’t find in any other smartphone. High-quality image and sound are just one aspect of that, however. The HTC 10 also offers the best smartphone camera on the market, and with a state of the art operating system and hardware combined, apps launch and run a heck of a lot faster, too. Consider for a moment venturing into new territory, and check out the new HTC 10. Designed to stand out from the rest. Keep reading to learn more about what the HTC 10 has to offer, so you can decide if this is the right smartphone for you.

Top Four HTC 10 Features

  • Operating System
  • Battery Life
  • Photos, Video and Sound
  • Design

Operating System

The HTC 10 features the Android operating system, and while Android can offer a greater level of control in any smartphone, compared to an iOS device, the HTC 10 raises that level of control to the tenth power. Not only does the HTC 10 allow you to change your phone’s background, it also allows you to change your phone’s entire theme too, even changing icons and sounds. Apps on the HTC 10 run faster and use less of your phone’s memory, allowing you to download and run more apps at a single time. And unlike other smartphones, pre-downloaded apps are kept to the bare minimum, making your smartphone, actually your smartphone.


  • Fewer pre-downloaded apps
  • Fully customizable themes and backgrounds
  • Apps run faster and take up less memory

Battery Life

Let’s face it. Battery life is normally a huge problem when it comes to smartphones, requiring that most phone be charged up to a few times a day. But with the HTC 10, that is no longer the case. The HTC 10’s battery offers up to two days of battery life with normal use, allowing for many more hours of entertainment. Thanks to PowerBotics system that makes hardware and software run more efficiently, wasted battery life is now a thing of the past. It also charges much faster. The HTC 10 can charge from 0 to 50 percent in just 30 minutes, thanks to a Quick Charge 3.0 Rapid Charger.


  • Features a PowerBiotics system that uses energy efficiently
  • Offers two days of battery life with normal use
  • Can charge half way in just 30 minutes.

Photos, Video and Sound

The HTC 10’s camera, as mentioned earlier, is arguably the best on the market. It features an UltraPixel sensor that can brighten up the darkest of photos, so you are never left with a blurry, grainy shot in the dark. The HTC 10 features 12 million UltraPixels, allowing for high-quality, well-detailed photographs like you have never seen before. Best of all, the HTC 10’s front camera is every bit as good as the back camera, unlike most smartphones, so no more blurry, ugly selfies. The HTC 10 also offers stunning 4K video capabilities and 24-bit Hi-Res audio, allowing you to relive any moment as if you were right there.


  • High quality camera that takes quality photos in low light
  • 24-bit High-Res Audio
  • 4K video capability


The modern look of the HTC 10 features a reflective all-metal metal casing with a full glass front to provide a sleek and sophisticated look. It is also highly durable, and able to handle every kind of bump, scratch or knock, and even extreme temperatures. The HTC 10’s display is 2K, which offers even more pixels than most high definition televisions.


  • Fully metal casing
  • Features a glass front
  • Features a 2K diplay


Though it may not look exactly like all the smartphones you typically see on the street, in most ways it offers superiority in a way you might not expect. The HTC 10 offers the best of everything for a little less than the asking price of an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. If you are looking for a new smartphone with greater memory, battery life and top performance, the HTC 10 is where it’s at.