A closed system for urinary drainage is made up of a catheter inserted within a urinary bladder, which in turn is connected by tubing into a drainage bag. The bladder retains the catheter by using an inflated balloon. In a closed system, urine drainage depends totally on gravity. The top 5 providers of closed system urinary catheters are Comfort Medical, Donaco Medical Supply, 180 Medical, Teleflex Medical, and OEM Liberator Medical Supply, Inc. Read on to learn more about these top medical suppliers that offer closed-system catheters.

Top 5 Providers of Closed System Urinary Catheters:

  • Comfort Medical
  • Donaco Medical Supply
  • 180 Medical
  • Teleflex Medical
  • OEM Liberator Medical Supply, Inc.

Comfort Medical

Comfort Medical provides a wide assortment of name brand ostomy and catheter supplies to a large customer base nationwide. Enrollment is free, either by calling their toll-free number or completing the online form. This company will validate any supplemental insurance and Medicare information, and will fill out all the necessary paperwork. Best of all, catheters will be shipped directly to customers free of charge. They carry intermittent catheters, Coude, external, and hydrophilic catheters, as well as antibacterial, condom catheters and straight catheters.


  • Wide assortment of catheter supplies
  • Shipped free of charge to customers
  • Intermittent, Coude, antibacterial, and straight catheters available

Donaco Medical Supply

Donaco Medical Supply Company provides pre-lubed, sterile catheters in see-through collection bags that feature a silicone sheath introducer tip which slides into the patient’s urethra. Their touchless system prevents bacteria from ever coming into contact with a catheter. Their closed system can be used discreetly practically anywhere. Their product has been found to decrease urinary tract infections for hospitalized patients requiring intermittent catheterization, as well as for patients with spinal cord injuries. This company provides free delivery on over 200 different catheters covered by insurance companies.


  • Pre-lubed sterile catheters in see-through collection bags available
  • Can be used discreetly practically anywhere
  • Product has been found to decrease UTIs

180 Medical

180 Medical is one of the fastest growing accredited providers of sterile-use catheters in the US. Their closed-system catheters allow discreet, secure catheterization, regardless of whether the patient is in a private room, a restroom, or even in a vehicle. The insertion tip, or introducer, permits a pre-lubricated catheter to avoid the highest bacteria concentrations which are found in the urethra’s first few millimeters, which reduces significantly a patient’s infection risk. Available systems include the Bard Touchless Plus, the GentleCath Pro, the Rusch Hydrophilic MMG H2O, and the Apogee Closed System.


  • Fastest growing accredited provider in the US
  • Insertion tip permits a pre-lubricated catheter to avoid high bacteria concentrations
  • Allows discreet, secure catheterization in restrooms and vehicles

Teleflex Medical OEM

Teleflex Medical OEM offer a broad choice of closed catheter systems for the management of bladders, including gel coated and hydrophilic solutions. Rusch MMG Closed Systems feature catheters integrated inside the collection bag, as well as an introducer tip for bypassing external bacteria.These systems are designed specifically to help reduce UTIs (urinary tract infections), and allow easy catheterization in a majority of locations. Also available is the PocketPac Closed System Intermittent Catheter, featuring an easily removable ring cap and a 1300 mL bag for collection.


  • Broad choice of gel coated and hydrophilic closed catheter systems
  • Catheters are integrated inside the collection bag
  • Introducer tip helps to reduce UTIs

Liberator Medical Supply, Inc.

Liberator Medical Supply, Inc. specialize in supplying a variety of sterile closed system catheters to their many customers. The SpeediCath Compact set is an all-in-one bag and catheter set that has different sets available for either men or women. This system is so small that it can be kept in a purse or even a pocket. This product helps patients with spina bifida, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis and similar conditions to be able to perform intermittent catheterization. This closed system helps reduce the possibility of contracting a urinary tract infection. Also available is the unisex Cure closed system catheter, which is latex free and features a pre-lubricated catheter tip.


  • SpeediCath Compact set is different for men and women
  • So small that it fits into a pocket or a purse
  • Helps patients with spinal cord injuries and spina bifida


In summary, a Closed System Urinary Catheter provides a sterile method of emptying the bladder. Using a closed system reduces the risks of contracting UTIs (urinary tract infections) in patients.