Naturopathic medicine has been around for thousands of years, but it’s just recently gained mainstream popularity in the West. A degree in Naturopathy can prepare you for many exciting careers. Some careers are available to those with two- or four-year degrees, including the fields of natural health consulting, energy medicine and certified herbalism. However, to be a certified naturopathic doctor, you’ll need to obtain a doctorate degree and pass examinations. Only one third of states currently regulate naturopathic practices, but as the number continues to grow education will continue to grow in importance. The top five online naturopathy degree programs include a Natural Health Consultant at Stratford University, Certified Herbalist and Energy Medicine Program from New Eden School of Natural Health and Herbal Studies, Alternative Medicine Degree from Everglades University, and a Naturopathic Medicine Degree from the College of Naturopathic Medicine. Read on to learn more about what you stand to gain from each of these leading degree options.

Top 5 Naturopathy Degree Programs:

  • Natural Health Consultant
  • Certified Herbalist
  • Energy Medicine Program
  • Alternative Medicine Degree
  • Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Natural Health Consultant

Stratford’s Natural Health Consultant program teaches you about a wide range of areas including alternative therapies, healing techniques, health counseling, and homeopathy. The course will teach students to counsel clients on health and wellness issues, and incorporate herbal medicine, health foods, and natural medicine into a tailor made health and wellness plan. This course is perfect for those who are seeking an introduction to natural medicine, and it gives an overview of many different aspects of natural healing.


  • Wide range of topics
  • Prepares students for a career as a natural health consultant
  • Informative program

Herbal Medicine Degree

An Herbal Medicine Degree from New Eden School of Natural Health and Herbal Studies teaches students to guide the public in herbal choices. Courses include Herbal First Aid, Starting Your Business as a Natural Healthcare Practitioner, and Natural Health and Nutrition. The course allows you to start a career in natural medicine in four to six months.


  • Prepares students for a career in herbal medicine
  • Short course
  • Educates students on starting a business as a natural healthcare practitioner

Energy Medicine Practitioner

Energy Medicine is an emerging health science that is sure to gain more popularity in the future. Energy medicine screening devices are a very accurate testing method for evaluating the wellness of the body’s systems. Courses include Energy Medicine, Reflexology, and Chemistry and Nutrition. Graduates of the program are eligible to join the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners, and the American Council for Holistic Medicine. This program can be completed in five to six months.


  • Gaining in popularity
  • Graduates eligible for membership in IANHP
  • Accurate testing methods

Alternative Medicine Practitioner

The Alternative Medicine Practitioner program is a bachelor of science degree from Everglades University. The program gives you an introduction into popular areas including herbology, nutrition and aging, homeopathy, and traditional Chinese medicine. This program is suitable for those who would like to go on to receive their doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine.


  • Thorough introduction to Alternative Medicine
  • Flexible program Suitable prerequisite for Naturopathy
  • Doctorate degree program

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

The Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Degree from the College of Naturopathic Medicine prepares students to become primary care physicians focused on natural medicine. Courses include botanical medicine, physical medicine, and conventional medicine therapies. This four year doctorate program prepares students to sit for the Natural Physicians Licensing Examinations.


  • Opportunity to become NPLEX certified
  • Doctorate Program
  • Natural and Conventional Medicine


Natural medicine is a field that will continue to grow. These programs will prepare you for a wide variety of careers in natural medicine, and they allow you to study at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.