If you’re looking for a good database administration training program, you’re not alone. The bottom line is that databases are integral tools to the world of business today. As businesses grow, so do their needs. Having information and lists of data to work off of and learn from are critical. What is also critical is having people who can efficiently manage these lists and organize them for additional data mining purposes. Finding the appropriate database administration training program can help you tremendously to make your business and your employees that much more efficient. Below are the top four database administration training programs, based on educational content, blended learning tools, mobile learning and social learning. Each one can add something unique to the training program that will make it easier to digest by its audience. Having a comprehensive learning tool, is the easiest way to make your database truly work for you and bring added value to your company.

Top 4 Database Administration Training Programs

  • Axis LMS
  • eSSential
  • Litmos LMS
  • Lessonly

Axis LMS

Axis LMS is a tool that can help to customize the training you need for your company. What is nice about this is that it offers learning on a variety of different platforms. Likely your entire employee base isn’t comprised of the same type of learner. By offering tools that are social-media based, mobile, written, etc. you are maximizing your database administration training. In addition, you can build the training model you need. Whether you have hundreds of employees or a handful, Axis LMS offers the tools you need.


  • Blended Learning
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Social-Learning


This is an award-winning product that offers training support for those looking to manage high-end databases. eSSential brings value because it has been repeatedly recognized as a leader in the world of online training tools. What is nice is that it can be customized—from the material to the icons used. This gives business owners the functionality and tools needed to build exactly what they want.

eSSential also offers a nice added feature that lets users work at their own pace. They can save the exact module they left off at and return when they are ready. It is available in more than 45-different languages also, so it likely can answer any cultural need.


  • Cross-device functionality
  • Theme choices
  • Automated bookmarking that allows users to return to where they ended the last session

Litmos LMS

Litmos LMS is another highly functional tool that works on various devices and is cloud-based. That means your users can log in from any location and work through the training modules one by one. This is a software that was created for maximizing the learners’ experiences. It is made for a variety of different learners—including employees, customers, compliance-related training, and channel training. You can easily customize it to the needs of your group, or even have multiple groups in on training from different vantage points.

Ease of use is also a high priority with this software. You’ll find that any channel you need to flow through the learning tools here, likely will find success and comfortability with the software. You can easily start your free trial to see if it works for you, but likely your business will see value with its integration to the learning structure.


  • Cloud-based training
  • Customizable
  • User-friendly interface


Lessonly is another database administration training program that is fully customizable. What is nice about this option is that it offers the ability to capture team policy, searchable inquiries and share internal knowledge. This is a software that has enough extras to keep it relevant for your entire business. As an added product within your structure, you’ll see how well it integrates.

It also can easily track progress of your employees as they work through the individual modules of your training and the entire course. You can communicate with it to ensure that everyone on your team is on track for business development as needed.


  • Employee training tracking
  • Streamlined interface
  • Drag-and-drop capability for quiz creation


If you are looking for a database administration training program, then these are the top four to consider. Each one has its own list of advantages and they play well to business needs. Test them out and you likely will find the perfect solution to your training program requirements.