It’s never a bad time to get a great deal on an iPhone 8. This smartphone has an impressive amount of features, from amazing 12MP cameras and 4K recording to the latest in water resistance and security. However, shopping for the best deals on the iPhone 8 can be complicated. Mobile networks can make it difficult to compare smartphone plans across the board, leaving consumers feeling confused and without a new iPhone 8. Fortunately, you no longer need to feel like you’re missing out on the best iPhone 8 deals. Fortunately, the major players have all released limited-time deals on the iPhone 8. Read more if you want to discover the best iPhone 8 deals available.

The Top Three iPhone 8 Deals

  • Sprint iPhone 8 BOGO Deal
  • T-Mobile iPhone 8 BOGO Deal
  • Verizon’s iPhone 8 BOGO Deal

Sprint iPhone 8 BOGO Deal

Sprint is offering an impressive Buy One, Get One deal on the new iPhone 8. Customers who lease an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus can get an iPhone 8 64GB at no cost. This iPhone 8 deal is with the Sprint Flex plan, which lasts for 18 months and costs an average of $30 per month. Customers who cancel their plans early will be billed for the entire cost of both phones. This plan includes iPhone Forever, which means that customers can upgrade to the latest iPhone after only 12 lease payments.


  • Lease two iPhones for the price of one
  • No trade-in required
  • The plan is 18 months

T-Mobile iPhone 8 BOGO Deal

T-Mobile has a hot deal that also scores customers two iPhone 8 devices for the price of one. There is a specific way that customers need to redeem this offer. First, shoppers need to buy two eligible iPhone 8 phones and trade in two old phones. Port-in is required for both phones. Customers then complete a rebate form online in order to receive a prepaid MasterCard® through the mail within 6-8 weeks for reimbursement for the cost of one of the iPhones. Prices for the plans to receive the iPhone 8 deals cost around $30 per month. Customers who cancel the 24-month plan early will need to pay the remaining balance on the phones.


  • Buy an iPhone, get one free
  • Trade-in required
  • Balance is due if plan is canceled early

Verizon’s iPhone 8 BOGO Deal

Verizon also has a BOGO iPhone 8 deal. The first is a Buy One, Get One Free offer. Customers who buy two iPhone 8 devices get one free when enrolled on the Unlimited Plan and trading in an old phone within 30 days. The cost of the iPhone 8 is credited to the account over 24 months One new line of service is required. The average cost per month is around $30. There is a one-time activation fee of $30, but customers can upgrade to a new eligible iPhone after only 12 payments. The full balance is due if the plan is canceled early.


  • Buy an iPhone, get one free
  • Balance is due if plan is canceled early
  • Trade-in of good working condition required


Shoppers who are looking for a new iPhone 8 are encouraged to check out these iPhone 8 deals while they last.