Security is on everyone’s mind. Whether you are a large or small firm, you should know that it could take more than 200 days before you notice that someone has hacked into your network. Within the last year, dozens of major corporations have been breached. XBOX 360, PSP, InterContinental Hotels Group, Arby’s, River City Media, Verifone, Saks Fifth Avenue, and BlueCross BlueShield are a few of the corporations that have had customer’s information including names, addresses, social security numbers, and credit card numbers leaked. Gmail, another target, breached users with a phishing scam. Although the company acted quickly, an estimated 1 million users may have been affected. Reaching out to a qualified network security company can help eliminate or even prevent intrusions altogether.

Top 3 Network Security Companies

  • root9B
  • Herjavec Group
  • Raytheon Group


Led by former intelligence and government officials, root9B offers leading cybersecurity and advanced technology. They’ve helped major industries all over the world including the healthcare field, retail corporations, energy companies, and financial services. They’ve also worked with Fortune 500 businesses as well as public and private companies. With a team of professionals, root9B deals with vulnerabilities using several platforms dedicated to the defense of organizational and universal threats. The platform ORION is an Active Adversary Pursuit (also known as HUNT) program. It is used in many global applications to safeguard networks, pursue adversaries, and deter threats. ORKOS, another inventive platform is a credential assessing software that identifies major network breaches by exposing unauthorized credentials within the system. The root9B team also offers advanced cyber security training with courses that include Industrial Control System Protection, Malware, Analysis, Mobile Device Exploitation & Forensics, and more.


  • Works with the federal government and Fortune 500 companies
  • Uses innovative platforms, such as ORION and ORKOS
  • Offers advanced cyber training courses

Herjavec Group

Herjavec Group is a great partner to help manage IT security solutions. They’re an innovative multifaceted company that distributes managed security to businesses all over the world. Their cutting-edge technology allows their professional team to approach frameworks and platforms analytically to assess and prevent leaks. Being PCI Compliant, Herjavec Group can offer you compliance reports, vulnerability assessments, data scoping, gap analysis, risk assessments, and more. If you’re a retail business, you’ll want your customers to feel safe when swiping their credit or debit cards. Herjavec Group has a qualified team of professionals that operate 24/7 to keep your system protected all year long.


  • Delivers managed security all over the world
  • PCI compliant
  • Certified professionals offer assistance 24/7

Raytheon Cyber

Snagging a $1 billion contract with the Department of Homeland Security makes Raytheon Cyber one of the top companies for network security. Their goal is to protect the nation from unwanted cyber attacks that could cause irreparable damage to individuals, corporations, and the government. Raytheon works to insulate computer networks on all sides, including analytically, military units, mobile and stationary devices, infrastructure, aviation, operations, global, financial services, and more. This dynamic security company provides active safeguarding measures for clear visibility that defends cyber-networking systems. The team is comprised of certified professions that can work remotely as well as on-site for forensic examinations, managed recovery, and to contain immediate incidences. Beginning with assessing potential threats, Raytheon Cyber approaches networks with a hunt-prey mentality. They hunt for vulnerabilities in the system, detect threats, and then attack any unwelcome intrusions that have invaded your network.


  • Helps to protect Homeland Security and global organizations
  • Works on all sides of the computer network
  • They are cyber hunters that track system vulnerabilities


Although dozens of networks are penetrated by cyber attackers every year, your business does not have to succumb to these intrusions. By establishing a relationship with a network security company, you could prevent data breaches and privacy information leaks. Having an active security system can give you peace of mind knowing that your system is free of intrusions and communications are left private. You will also have the ability to identify users on your network and subsequently sustain trust for your business and its customers.