Earning an undergraduate degree in accounting is one of the key steps towards launching a successful career in auditing, Certified Public Accounting and Financial Management. Indeed, as the global economy grows and recovers from the recent economic recession, it is expected that the demand for qualified accountants will also go up. Today, you do not have to put aside your work or travel to a foreign country to pursue a degree in accounting. Online accounting schools have made it possible for you to pursue your studies through distance learning conveniently. In this regard, the top five online accounting degrees are Bachelor in Accounting, Bachelor of Science in Finance and Accounting, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an accounting specialization, Bachelor of Business Management and Bachelor of Arts in Accounting.

Top Five Online Accounting Degree Programs

  • Bachelor in Accounting – University of Alabama
  • Bachelor of Science in Finance and Accounting – Northeastern University College of Professional studies
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Accounting specialization – Penn State University
  • Bachelor of Business Management – Colorado State University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Accounting – Florida Tech

Bachelor in Accounting - Alabama

The University of Alabama is one of the best institutions to consider in case you wish to pursue an undergraduate degree in accounting. Although the university offers students the choice of either onsite or online degrees, choosing the online program can be very convenient. The course will equip you with the accounting and business knowledge required to pass various internationally recognized accounting exams. After successful completion of the degree, students can proceed to launch a variety of careers related to the field.


  • Best online accounting program in the Southeast USA
  • Helps in preparation for accounting exams
  • Helps in understanding the complex and competitive business environment

Bachelor of Science in Finance and Accounting - Northeastern

The accredited online program offered by Northeastern University will not only help you attain accounting skills but will also instill quantitative and analytical capabilities in you. Such skills play a significant part in shaping a successful career in accounting and financial management. Moreover, the online option allows you to focus on fields like taxation, investment management, international finance and accounting information systems.


  • The course includes extra classes like business strategy
  • The electives provide a great advantage
  • The accredited program is recognized by employers

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an Accounting Specialization - Penn State

The entirely online course has an accounting specialization. This allows you as a student to learn core business skills as well as gain an in-depth understanding of financial and managerial accounting. The online course also exposes students to auditing, taxation and systems and controls. The world-class academic institution makes it possible for students from different parts of the world to acquire an affordable degree from the convenience of their home.


  • Core requirements can be transferred in
  • Students are invited to Penn State Campus for graduation
  • 120-credit course with 18-credit Accounting option

Bachelor of Business Management with concentration in Foundations of Accounting - Colorado State

The online Business Management degree provides an option of concentrating in Foundations of Accounting. All the faculty members are readily available to assist online students in the course of their studies. At the same time, these online degrees are recognized by employers all over the world just the same way as they do those degrees acquired at physical campuses. Students who want to enroll do not have to wait for a new semester to begin before starting the course.


  • Students can transfer credits
  • In some cases work experience can be used for college credit
  • Class start times occur every eight weeks

Bachelor of Arts in Accounting - Florida Tech

If you are looking at the possibility of a career in accounting and finance, this private university offers you a Bachelor of Arts in accounting degree. The flexible online degree provides students with the requisite strong foundation to becoming a Certified Management Accountant or a Certified Public Accountant. The small size of the virtual class makes it possible for students to get personalized attention from the faculty.


  • The curriculum is extensive and comprehensive
  • 106 credit hours of core and major courses
  • 15 credit hours are allocated to electives


With the demand for qualified accountants set to rise in the coming years, a degree in accounting is a course you can consider pursuing. One of the advantages you are likely to enjoy is the unmatched convenience that the online degree programs will offer you.