Gel mattresses are a modern replacement for memory foam. They provide the advantages of memory foam - a bed which “remembers” and responds to your needs and sleeping position, but eliminates one of the common problems, that of excessive heat buildup. They also tend to be a little more responsive and have less motion transfer. Some people, however, say that gel mattresses are hyped and that people think newer is always better. There are two ways in which gel is incorporated - the first is by putting a layer of gel on top or between padding layers, the second is by incorporating it into the actual foam. If you like the idea of a gel mattress here are the top five for consideration: Sealy Optimum Inspiration, Serta iComfort, Brentwood Home 13-inch Gel Infused Memory Foam, Dreamfoam Bedding Arctic Dreams and Perfect Cloud UltraPlus Gel-Max Memory Foam.

Top 5 Gel Mattresses

  • Sealy Optimum Inspiration
  • Serta iComfort
  • Brentwood Home Gel Infused Memory Foam
  • Dreamfoam Bedding Arctic Dreams
  • Perfect Cloud UltraPlus Gel-Max Memory Foam

Sealy Optimum Inspiration

If overheating is your primary concern, the Optimum Inspiration has gel foam fused with OutLast technology, specifically designed to disperse body heat. It has three layers - gel memory foam, standard memory foam and a foam core with OutLast. This is a good mattress for people who live in warmer climates - and it comes from a brand with a reputation for producing unusually comfortable mattresses. Sealy also provides a compatible adjustable base.


  • OutLast cooling technology
  • reputable brand
  • compatible adjustable base available

Serta iComfort

The Serta iComfort has gel beads infused into premium memory foam, and has a thicker gel layer (2.5”) than most gel foam mattresses, designed to relieve pressure points and circulate heat away from you. It is a particularly good mattress for people with back issues. The iComfort comes in both full memory foam and hybrid versions, is compatible with Serta adjustable foundations, and comes in pillow top versions for those who prefer a softer mattress. It is available in all standard bed sizes.


  • thicker gel layer
  • pillow top version available
  • relieves pressure points

Brentwood Home Gel Infused Memory Foam

This mattress has 3.5 inches of gel-infused memory foam and exceptional online reviews. Below the foam is a therapeutic base for long lasting support and which dampens motion transfer. It has an odor-resistant wool lining in its removable, machine-washable cover. This is a premium mattress that comes with a 25 year warranty and is certified free of flame retardants, heavy metals, and phthalates for better indoor air quality.


  • exceptional reviews
  • 25 year warranty
  • odor-resistant wool lining

Dreamfoam Bedding Arctic Dreams

This highly-rated mattress uses an advanced foam called Energex, which has a much faster response than most memory foam. The top is a soft quilting layer which is not quite a pillow top, but still adds comfort. It’s called “Arctic” for a reason - it has exceptional cooling capability. The Energex is also certified free of flame retardants, heavy metals, and phthalates. It comes in medium firm, medium, and soft and is also quite a bit cheaper than other gel foam mattresses.


  • Energex fast response foam
  • top quilted layer
  • exceptional cooling capability

Perfect Cloud UltraPlus Gel-Max Memory Foam

The top layer is air-infused and the second layer is gel-infused. This allows air to flow in and out of the mattress for exceptional cooling. It is covered by a premium stretch knit cover that is removable for easy care and has their special Mesh Gusset Air-Transfer Technology, to further increase air flow in and out of the mattress and help you sleep cool. It comes in twin, full, short queen, queen and king sizes - none of the other mattresses listed comes in short queen. Like the Dreamfoam, it is also less expensive than the major brands listed above, and it also comes with a 25 year warranty.


  • premium stretch knit cover
  • Mesh Gusset air transfer
  • comes in unusual short queen size


Whichever mattress you choose, you may well find that gel memory foam has all of the advantages of memory foam and is cooler and offers more support.