When the time comes to buy a mattress, many people have no idea where to begin. Should the mattress be soft or firm? Spring or memory foam? Does the company accept returns? The good news is that we live in an age where you can simply go online, get the answers to all these questions, order from home and have your new mattress delivered right to your home. Five mattress companies worth checking out are Mattress Firm, Helix Sleep, Serta, Casper Sleep and 1-800-Mattress. These companies all have an online store and each has its own advantages, depending on what you require. Keep reading to learn more about the top five places to order a mattress online. 

Top 5 Places To Order a Mattress Online


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Mattress Firm has been around for a while, and many people have heard of the company. The online store is easy to navigate, with large pictures and great mattress descriptions. The company entices customers with special financing, without requiring a credit history. Mattress Firm’s selection of beds runs the gamut of popular brands like Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, Simmons Beautyrest and more. In addition, Mattress Firm sells several types of mattresses, including adjustable beds. Mattress Firm offers a “100% Sleep Happy or Your Money Back” guarantee.


  • Incredible selection of mattress from the biggest brands
  • 100% Sleep Happy or Your Money Back guarantee
  • Financing is available even with no credit history

Helix Sleep sells the newest type of mattress, popularly known as mattress-in-a-box. The company prides itself on its business model where it allows the customer to customize the mattress using a short interview with several questions. The mattress comes in all the standard sizes and can be customized for one person — or even two people, where each side is tailored to that person’s preference. Helix Sleep allows for a 100-night trial and will accept exchanges or returns during that time.

  • Mattress customized to your specifications, for one or two people
  • Available in all the standard sizes
  • 100-night trial with full refund or exchange

Serta is an established brand with mattresses known for exceptional quality. The company has a large selection of Serta-brand mattresses, one of which will most certainly fit your needs. Each of their mattress lines has certain features which are designed to appeal to a specific type of sleeper, and the online store does a great job of describing the benefits. That being said, the only drawback of the company is that it does not offer exchanges. Serta asks that you visit a Serta location before purchasing a mattress to make sure it will be right for you. The company does offer refunds.


  • Large selection of mattresses with distinctive features
  • Serta has a mattress for any type of sleeper
  • No exchanges are accepted, but Serta will refund if necessary

Casper Sleep is the place you want to go to if you want your purchase to be as effortless as possible, while still providing you with a quality mattress. The company offers their proprietary mattress in six sizes, ranging from Twin to California King. Casper designed the mattress to give a comfortable sleep with plenty of air flow. The pricing of the mattress is very competitive, especially at the larger sizes. A 100-night satisfaction guarantee with full refund should alleviate any concerns.


  • One decision to make: Which size?
  • Comfortable mattress with excellent ventilation
  • 100-night satisfaction guarantee with full refund

1-800-Mattress is the place you want to visit if you have no idea what you’re looking for and would like to see a wide variety of mattress options. This online store has even more brands than Mattress Firm, and some of them are very affordable. The selection is nearly endless. Unfortunately, there are no refunds given once the mattress has been delivered. An exchange is allowed only if the mattress breaks the “Satisfaction Comfort Exchange Policy.”


  • Wide vareity of mattress options to choose from
  • Very affordable mattresses are available
  • No refunds and limited exchanges


Ordering a mattress online has never been easier than it is today. The five online mattress stores described above offer some of the best deals on the internet, and you will be hard-pressed not to find something to your liking at a price you can afford.