The Galaxy Note 5 cellphone is one of the hottest new cellphones on the market, offering numerous features, high performance capability and efficiency on a whole new level. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the ideal phone for career professionals and digital artists of every kind. Distinguishing itself from other smartphones, the Galaxy Note 5 features an S Pen that allows for greater efficiency when writing notes or drawing on your phone’s display. The Galaxy Note 5 offers top-of-the-line features, technology and performance as few smartphones can provide. Whether new to Galaxy or an existing Galaxy owner, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is definitely worth checking out. If you’re looking to find the top online deals for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, keep reading to compare the top three deals, so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

Top 3 Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Deals

  • Target
  • Best Buy


Target offers the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 for an excellent price, and offers a number of ways to save on top of their already-low pricing. Customers who don’t want to pay the regular $707 all at once, for example, can opt for a monthly payment plan. For just $29.46 a month, Target shoppers can pay off the Galaxy Note 5 in just 24 months with 0% APR for qualified buyers. The activation fee is just $20 and allows for Verizon cellular network services. Those who buy the Galaxy Note 5 through Target are also qualified to get a $200 Target gift card, which is good if you frequently shop at Target. Additionally, when purchased with a Target RED Card, shoppers can get an additional 5 percent off their purchase.


  • Payments of just $29.49 a month
  • $200 Gift Card offer
  • Additional 5 percent off when purchased with your Target RED Card

Best Buy

Best Buy also offers a sweet monthly deal and a gift card with purchase. Teaming with AT&T, Best Buy is offering the Galaxy Note 5 for just $24.67 for 30 months, with an option to upgrade after 24 months. Additionally, through, shoppers can have the phone shipped directly to them for absolutely free. Best of all, shoppers can also get a $250 Best Buy E-Gift Card. Because this deal is only good with an AT&T contract, fees for cancellation of service will apply.


  • Can be purchased in installments of $24.67 a month
  • Ships free
  • Comes with $250 Gift Card is an online retailer that offers numerous ways to save on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. offers the Galaxy Note 5 for less than $600, provided you are willing to pay that all at once. The phone comes unlocked, so you can choose any network you like. Additionally, new Jet customers can get 15 percent off their first 3 orders with a coupon code. There are other ways to save, as well, such as by paying with debit, or opting out of a free return. Through, the Galaxy Note 5 ships completely free, without the need for a coupon code, making the Galaxy Note 5 a great deal no matter how you look at it.


  • The Galaxy Note 5 ships free
  • Save by using debit
  • New customers can get 15 percent off


The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is already one of the best phones out there, and while the starting cost might be a bit high, monthly payment plans from Target and Best Buy make it more affordable. And with the added bonus of gift cards and other incentives, shoppers can find even more ways to save.