When it comes to television, innovations such as DVR, online streaming, and premium channels have completely changed the way television is watched. The ability to skip commercials is invaluable. The internet allows previously expensive or exclusive shows to be watched for free. Premium channels now come with internet account access, Roku, Apple TV, and all kinds of new and fancy ways to keep up with the best television shows. Channels such as HBO, Starz, and Cinemax have been forced to adapt to the new and more technology savvy consumer. The fact they are still around is a testament to their willingness to change. Read on to learn more about our favorite premium channel shows.

Top 5 Best New Shows on Premium Channels:

  • Last Week Tonight
  • Westworld
  • Insecure
  • The Girlfriend Experience
  • Vice Principals

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

People would argue that The Daily Show was the first “comedy” news show to hit the cable television. The show quickly soared to the top of the ratings’ chart and spurned similar shows across other networks. Unfortunately, the show has also gone downhill since the departure of John Stewart. Fortunately, one of his top “correspondents” has started his own show. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has been on the air for just over a year and has enjoyed great reviews and fantastic ratings. It airs every Sunday night on HBO and the recordings are easily accessible online. Be warned, this is for mature audiences only.


  • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is on HBO every Sunday night
  • It is a comedy news show similar to The Daily Show
  • For mature audiences only


After successfully fighting through numerous issues with production and other obstacles that have caused its delay, Westworld has been completed. The first episode aired this month to a record audience and it was worth the weight. It is based off of the 1973 movie that bears its name and tells the story of a theme park with a sci-fi or future theme to it. The show has numerous big names such as Anthony Hopkins and is directed by JJ Abrams. For those who enjoy thillers and science fiction, this is a great show to watch.


  • Westworld airs on HBO on Sunday nights
  • It is a science fiction thriller set in a futuristic amusement park
  • It is in its first season


On the opposite end of the spectrum from the other shows, Insecure was released on October 9. It currently has 8 episodes and will examine a unique friendship between two African-American women. Viewers can follow as this comedy makes a powerful statement on the uncomfortable race relations that plague this society in light of recent events. While this show can make some viewers uncomfortable, it also has plenty of laughs while teaching some valuable lessons. The show stars Rae and Prentice Penny. It also airs on HBO on Sunday nights.


  • Insecure premiered October 9 on HBO.
  • Ths show examines an uncomfortable friendship between two African-American women.
  • The show follows their journey through life.

The Girlfriend Experience

Premiering earlier this year on Starz, this is a drama that follows a law student that seeks to put herself through school while working as an escort. This show premiered to a record audience and put some controversial issues, like the cost of higher education, an escort service, and the human condition, into the media. The show stars Rile Keough, Paul Sparks, and Mary Lynn Rajskub. While the show has a dark undercurrent, this is intentional. Viewers will not be able to take their eyes off of the screen while soaking in the multi-faceted issues this show casts a light on. This show was renewed for a second, 14-episode season set to air in a few months. This show is for mature audiences only.


  • The Girlfriend Experience is in between its first and second season on Starz.
  • It discusses controversial issues, such as an escort service.
  • It is for mature audiences only.

Vice Principals

For people who enjoyed Eastbound and Down, the creators are back with Vice Principals on HBO. This is another dark comedy series that premiered this past summer. This show costs school administrators in a unique power struggle once the top principal has retired. With a laugh-filled show that everyone can relate to, anyone who enjoys comedy should give this show a chance.


  • Vice Principals airs on HBO.
  • It premiered earlier this year.
  • It discussed a power struggle for a recently vacated principal’s job.


If you want to watch the best shows, then you’ll need some premium channels. We’ve outlined the best premium shows to help you determine which channels might best fit your needs, but you should also check out the regular lineup each channel has to offer.