If you have not received your high school diploma in the traditional manner, obtaining a GED can help to open more doors and job opportunities for you. If you want to improve your prospects, passing the GED exam is a good first step. One of the best ways to prepare for the exam is with a prep course and we have found the top three online GED prep courses to get you on your way., Kaplan Test Prep, and GED Test Prep Tool Kit will help you to prepare for the GED and learn everything you need to know to pass your high school equivalency exam (commonly referred to as the GED).

Top 3 Online GED Prep Courses

  • Kaplan Test Prep
  • GED Test Prep Tool Kit

This online course offers a free 5-day trial to let you try it out before you buy. The course itself has everything from video classroom instruction to practice tests. The curriculum covers everything that you need to know to prepare for the high school equivalency exam. The site also provides location information for cities throughout the country for when you are ready to take the test. also shares information on what you can expect when you go to take your exam. This website is very comprehensive and offers step by instruction on how to both study for and successfully take the exam.


  • Offers free 5-day trial to see if is the right course for you
  • Additional study materials available on mobile app
  • Video lessons cover information contained in practice exams and likely to be on GED test

Kaplan Test Prep

This GED online prep course from one of the most trusting names in test preparation contains everything that you need to successfully complete the test. Kaplan has created online classrooms with their video on demand curriculum that covers everything that you need to know to pass the GED. The 150+ videos cover all four parts of the test and the prep module includes email support from the Kaplan faculty. The $129 covers the entire curriculum through the videos that are accessible for three months. The videos and the practice exams and questions will have you ready to successfully pass the GED in no time!


  • Affordable $129 purchase price
  • Set up to feel like a classroom with on-demand video modules for each test section
  • 24-hour email access to support from the Kaplan faculty

GED Test Prep Tool Kit

This online prep course comes in a free download that contains everything you need to successfully take the GED and pass on your first try. The Test Prep Tool Kit is designed for people that have difficulty concentrating and many helpful and effective study tips are given throughout the course. The Tool Kit offers video classes, study guides, and practice exams covering all four sections of the GED. The free online GED practice tests provide instant feedback which will help you to follow up on the subjects with which you are having the most difficulty.


  • Download the prep module for free
  • Contains courses and practice tests for all four sections of the exam
  • Created for people that have difficulty focusing and offers many helpful study tips


Getting your GED can help you to improve your future and employment prospects in a significant way. And these top three online GED prep courses will give you the knowledge to pass the test on your first try!