It’s no secret that nothing beats watching a sporting event in person. The atmosphere is unique, the fans are passionate, and people can see the true pinnacle of human athleticism up close and in person. While the concessions might be a little expensive and ticket prices can vary widely, there are some stadiums that are truly unique. Read on to learn our favorite places to take in the beauty of sports.

Top Places to Watch a Sporting Event:

  • AT&T Stadium
  • AT&T Park
  • EverBank Field
  • MetLife Stadium
  • PNC Park

AT&T Stadium

While most people can’t stand Jerry Jones, everyone will agree that this NFL stadium, home to the Dallas Cowboys, stands alone when it comes to watching sports. Since it finished in 2009, this stadium has played host to not just multiple Cowboys games (mostly losses), but also to signature events such as the Final Four. Commonly referred to as Jerry World, this stadium features the largest HD television screen on the planet, a Party Pass section with tons of standing room, over 3,000 LCD TVs, and 80,000 seats. Every game here feels like a party.


  • This stadium was built in 2009 and seats over 80,000 people.
  • This indoor stadium is home to the Dallas Cowboys and the world’s largest HD Television screen.
  • It has a Party Pass section that holds 25,000 people.

AT&T Park

While the Giants just lost to the Cubs in this stadium in a mind-blowing collapse in game 4 of the NLDS, their stadium is still beautiful. This is a popular tourist destination for anyone visiting San Francisco. While most baseball stadiums are iconic, this one stands alone due to the backdrop of McCovey cove. During every game, boat owners and kayakers fill the cove waiting for that chance to catch a home run ball that drops into the cove. The park includes an enormous Coca-Cola bottle with slides. Bubbles and flashing lights burst with each home run. This park has fantastic food and an atmosphere that will keep everyone young.


  • The park is home to the San Francisco Giants of MLB baseball.
  • People fill McCovey Cove waiting for a home run ball.
  • The Coca-Cola bottle and atmosphere make this park unique.

EverBank Field

While the Jacksonville Jaguars of the NFL haven’t exactly had many successes since joining the NFL in 1996, their stadium has recently completed an iconic, $60 million renovation. This has catapulted it to its status as one of the premier NFL stadiums. Many people have referred to this stadium as “Mini Vegas” due to its two wading pools on the “Party Deck” and eye-popping scoreboards. Scattered throughout this stadium are fun activities that everyone can enjoy when the team isn’t playing well. While this brand new stadium might not make the Jacksonville Jaguars relevant, it has improved attendance dramatically. Fans can relax in the pool while taking in an NFL game in sunny Florida.


  • EverBank Field is home to the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars.
  • It recently completed an expensive renovation that added wading pools and interactive games.
  • This stadium has been nicknamed “Mini-Vegas.”

MetLife Stadium

On the complete opposite end of the east coast rests MetLife stadium. This is a unique stadium because it is home to two NFL teams, the New York Jets and the New York Giants. For people looking to take a break from the Big Apple, East Rutherford, New Jersey is a common destination. This stadium was renovated a few years ago and now features interior lighting that changes its colors based on the current home time. It also has enormous LED pylons at the entrances that change their videos based on the current team. its 2014 renovation catapulted it from the oldest, most obsolete stadium to a cold-weather destination that can host a Super Bowl.


  • MetLife Stadium is home to the New York Jets and New York Giants.
  • It underwent a renovation in 2014.
  • It is the first cold city to host a Super Bowl.

PNC Park

This unique structure provides a one-of-a-kind experience. Home to the Pittsburgh Pirates, fans can enjoy the beautiful Alleghany River and downtown Pittsburgh from its seats. Furthermore, fans can enjoy some stereotypical Pittsburgh dining options at “Tastes of Pittsbrugh.” Without a doubt, this stadium has something for everyone. Fans will even enjoy walking across Roberto Clemente bridge because cars aren’t allowed through on game day.


  • This baseball stadium is home to the Pittsburgh Pirates.
  • Fans can see both downtown and the Alleghany River from the seats.
  • It has unique dining options that are stereotypical of Pittsburgh.


The world is filled with amazing sports arenas that are rich with history. If you’re a huge sports fan, you’ll appreciate taking in the atmosphere of these world-famous fields and stadiums as well as their surrounding communities. This guide can help you plan which major arenas to add to your to-do list.