Does your sewer line need repairing? Your home’s sewer line is one of the most important things to take care of on your property, responsible for handling waste and wastewater and moving it to the city’s sewer system. With that said, keeping your sewer in good working order is very important because it can prevent backups and leaks that can damage your home and property as well as pose a health risk to anyone in the home. The top sewer repair companies today include Roto-Rooter, Mr. Rooter, and Horizon Services. They are top quality, reputable contractors with highly trained technicians who know the latest techniques and methods to repair, replace, or service your sewer system If you have an emergency, you know you can count on these companies to promptly take care of the situation.

Top Sewer Line Repair Companies

  • Roto-Rooter
  • Mr. Rooter
  • Horizon Services


Roto-Rooter is the most well-known name in sewer repair and services. They have been providing top-quality services to homes and businesses all over the country for many decades. They have locations in most major cities in the nation and provide a wide variety of services to their clients including emergency services. They have a reputation for excellence and professionalism and that is why they have become so successful over the years. They provide free estimates and guarantee their work.


  • Free estimates
  • Reputable
  • Locations near you

Mr. Rooter

Mr. Rooter is quickly becoming one of the top sewer service and repair companies in the country. They offer full-service sewer repair and installation including trenchless sewer repair services. They guarantee their technicians arrive on time and will provide friendly, respectful services. They are also known for their customer-friendly approach and dedication to satisfaction. This is why they are quickly becoming one of the most rapidly growing sewer repair services in the country.


  • Friendly
  • Knowledgeable
  • Trenchless

Horizon Services

Horizon Services has been serving the Northeast states for several years and are rapidly growing to the surrounding areas. If you need economical sewer repair from a great regional company, Horizon Services is the place to call. They guarantee all of their work so if it isn’t complete or working properly, you don’t pay. They guarantee timely arrival and friendly interactions with the technicians. They value their customers and their relationships with them, which is why so many people in the Northeast trust them with their sewer repair needs. In addition, they offer free estimates and emergency repair services any day of the year, at any time. No matter what the situation or time, you can have a professional technician come to your home to provide services.


  • Guaranteed work
  • Emergency services
  • Friendly and professional


If you find yourself in need of a great sewer repair and plumbing company to fix your sewer issues, or if you need routine maintenance, you should give one of these top sewer repair companies a call and have the problem fixed immediately before the problem gets worse.