With modern life becoming ever more hectic, making it to the store for every single essential becomes increasingly difficult. Therefore, monthly subscription boxes have been gaining popularity. These services schedule their products to arrive at your doorstep regularly. Busy men all over the world can benefit from hassle-free subscription services that take convenience to a whole new level by eliminating tedious trips to the store. The top 6 box subscriptions that are recommended for men are Beer of the Month Club, Game Box Monthly, Loot Crate, Five Four Club, dollar Shave Club, and Dollar Beard Club.

The Top 6 Box Subscriptions For Men

  • Beer of the Month Club
  • Game Box monthly
  • Loot Crate
  • Five four Club
  • Dollar Shave Club
  • Dollar Beard Club

Beer of the Month Club

Now this is a club that everyone can enjoy. Beer of the Month Club has been around for over twenty years and has thrilled their clients with monthly deliveries of unique and delicious beer. Membership includes either twelve 12-ounce handcrafted beers or six 750 ml bottles of rare beer shipped to your door every month. This shipment also comes with their newsletter, which suggests food pairings and describes the unique beer of the month. If you enjoy trying new beer and would like experts to choose them for you, then this subscription is for you.


  • Beer delivered monthly
  • Newsletter with beer profiles
  • Beer from all over the world

Game Box Monthly

Game box monthly sends you a new indie game every month for you and your friends to try. For only $25 you receive fresh new games based on your preferences. Game box monthly promises to match or beat retail prices every time. Playing tabletop games with friends is a fun way to unwind and have a low-key evening, while having a service choose the best ones for you is ultra-convenient.


  • Indie games delivered to your door
  • Games chosen based on your preferences
  • $25 a month

Loot Crate

Loot Crate promises to send you the ultimate pop culture box with unique items inspired by your favorite shows games and movies. For just $13.95 plus shipping and handling you will get a box full of interesting items like a Walking Dead t-shirt, Freddy Krueger chopsticks, a plush toy, and much more! If you love movies and consider yourself a geek by nature, then this subscription will warm your heart.


  • Pop culture items sent to your door
  • Surprises in every box
  • Just $13.95 a month

Five Four Club

Five four club is the ultimate answer to tedious clothes shopping trips. This is the male equivalent of the popular subscription box , Stitch Fix. A stylist will select three seasonal items and put them in a monthly package which is delivered directly to your door. Five four Club in effect helps you cultivate an efficient wardrobe through sending you carefully chosen outfit basics. The best part about Five Four Club is that you don’t have to step outside of the house to make a killer manly wardrobe.


  • Clothes sent directly to your door,
  • Personal stylist,
  • Seasonal items

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club has brought convenience and incredible shaving deals to the doorsteps of many men and women. People no longer must remember to go to the store and buy razors and then get ripped off by high prices. Instead, through Dollar Shave Club, you can schedule fresh cartridges monthly or every other month at great prices.


  • Razor cartridge delivery
  • Can schedule shipment frequency
  • Offers manly grooming essentials

Dollar Beard Club

With over 150 thousand subscribers, Dollar Beard Club has skyrocketed in popularity due to the convenience of having essential beard care products delivered directly to your home every month. Trying out the subscription costs only a dollar. If you are interested in keeping your beard looking its best but you don’t like going to the store for products, then why not give Dollar Beard Club a try?


  • Beard care product delivery
  • Costs just a dollar to try
  • No hidden fees


Monthly subscription boxes have risen in popularity because of their convenience and fun factor. For men who do not have time to make it to the store for every small necessity, it is nice to know that services like these six exist to make life easier. Services like these are on the rise so it is only a matter of time until we won’t need to step outside our homes for daily essentials.