If you want an economy car with just the right amount of style, then the new 2017 Chevy Cruze might be just what you’re looking for. The sleek and practical Chevrolet Cruze comes with a plethora of design options, shades and features. In this post, we’ll review the differences between the entry level L, LS, LT and Premier classes of this little charmer. We like the Cruze for its appeal to first-time car buyers as well as commuters who want a vehicle with a pinch of sizzle. This versatile compact is sure to bring new appreciation to your driving experience and make a hectic commute on Monday morning feel just like cruising on a sunny afternoon.

The L Series

The L series is the base offering in the Cruze line but as you drive your new Cruze L you will feel like you are enrobed in luxury. As with any brand new car you can mix and match features on your hypothetical as you continue your research to make certain you have exactly what you want. However for the sake of comparison, take note and compare the basic outline of the automobiles that represent each class. As you begin your study you will note a lot of similarity in the Cruze family of automobiles. Standard features include Bluetooth operation with the coveted Onstar program which comprises a concierge service, destination download, destination guidance (including Turn-by-Turn Navigation), Hand-Free Calling, Navigation, and Roadside Assistance. Hold on to your seats unless you already sold them in exchange for brand new Cruze cushions, all of these deluxe technologically savvy amenities come standard with all four classes of Chevrolet Cruze vehicles!


  • All four automobile classes have standard Onstar Programming
  • In the Cruze L, LS, LT and Premier series of cars Onstar includes Hand-Free Calling as standard
  • Chevrolet Cruze features Bluetooth operation as a standard feature

LS and LT Trims

Chevrolet makes your purchasing decision easier by making all four classes of vehicles the same size. The width,height, length, and seating capacity for the entry level vehicle in each class is 70.5 inches, 57.4 inches, 183.7 inches and 5 respectively. Though it is a small car the torque values and horsepower ratios pack a lot of power into a small space. Again all of the entry level vehicles in each of the respective classes are identical in these regards as well. With 28 miles per gallon achieved in city cruising and 39 miles per gallon obtained on the highway the Chevy Cruze is incomparable in compact great facts and identical to one another in this aspect as well. Taking a candid look at the differences in the various classes of the vehicle will give you some foundation on why the price for each class is not the same.


  • The L, LS, LT and Premier classes of the Chevy Cruze have the same width, height length and seating capacity
  • All four series classes have the same horsepower and torque values
  • The Cruze-Druplets, (namely the L, LS, LT and Premier classes) get the same mileage in the city and on the highway

Cruze Premier

You will have to elect a LT or Premier edition if you want power seats where it is an option on the former and standard on the latter. If you are inclined to recline on the skin of bovine then you will have to purchase the Premier series Chevy Cruze. Another major difference is in the color choice for the vehicle. The Premier and LT series offers ten each while the LS offers five and the L comes in two hues.


  • The L and LS editions of the Cruze offer manual seats
  • Only the Chevy Cruze Premier has leather seating as standard
  • The L series offers two standard exterior color choices


Deciding which Cruze is for you becomes a challenge since the series is similar across the four different models. Happy Shopping!