RAID recovery is always a challenging situation for any computer user. At the same time, it is absolutely vital because if a user cannot recover the data on a broken RAID array, then all of that data is lost permanently and forever. Choosing the right RAID recovery package can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful recovery effort. The proper type of RAID recovery can take an extremely difficult job and make it that more manageable. A professional recovery package in an absolute necessity, as most RAID recovery systems that can handle the most types of data losses. The top RAID recovery systems available are OnTrack Easy Recovery Professional, Recovery Explorer Professional and DiskInternals RAID Recovery. Continue reading to learn more about the top RAID recovery options.

Top Three RAID Recovery Options

  • OnTrack Easy Recovery Professional
  • Recovery Explorer Professional
  • DiskInternals RAID Recovery

OnTrack Easy Recovery Professional

OnTrack markets its RAID recovery software to small and medium businesses. Users can purchase a one-year license that enables them to operate the software. Licenses start at $149, although there are more extensive packages available. OnTrack allows business professionals to perform their own data recovery without having to hire a professional to accomplish the task. OnTrack offers various options of RAID recovery systems, with Professional being the most comprehensive solution. OnTrack is powerful software that, once users learn how to properly use, they can retrieve most types of data from a variety of RAID arrays. OnTrack works quickly to scan and recover large amounts of data. Users will have to invest some time to figure out how to operate OnTrack’s interface. If the software is not able to execute the RAID recovery, OnTrack offers a professional service that users can hire as a last resort.


  • Yearly license instead of purchase
  • Suitable for businesses
  • Variety of different packages

DiskInternals RAID Recovery

DiskInternals is an automatic software system that can accomplish its task without interfering with a manual recovery process. Users can allow the software to work on its own or they can choose a manual process if they want more involvement with the RAID recovery. This system can work with multiple types of RAID arrays. Accordingly, users need only work with one software package when using DiskInternals for RAID recovery. The software is compatible with a variety of different RAID configurations. The software is intended to help users recover from broken RAID arrays on their own without having to hire a service. DiskInternals is one of the higher-end products available on the market with an average cost between $250-300, but the comprehensive nature of the product makes the price worth it.


  • Fully automatic
  • Manual option is available
  • Widely compatible

Recovery Explorer Professional

Recovery Explorer Professional works not only on many different RAID patterns and configurations, but it also is effective for other types of data recovery from other mediums. This software works with Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS and Linux. Users do not have to be recovery experts in order to use this software because the interface is easily navigated. In addition to recovery, this software solutions also enables users to perform analytic functions as well. This software can automatically detect RAID parameters. This software package is a higher-end package that costs between $250-300.


  • Recovers data from many devices
  • Offers analytics
  • Works with Apple macOS


There are many different RAID recovery software packages that are available. Given the stress and expense that are associated with this process, it is best to find one that works immediately rather than having to purchase multiple software packages. You will want to find a software package that gets the job done quickly without having to hire additional support.