Interested in a structured settlement? A structured settlement is a legal arrangement that has been negotiated where a defendant pays a specific amount to a plaintiff in installments over a set period of time. An example of such could be a $20,000 settlement where you receive $1,000 a month for 20 months or $1,000 a year for 20 years. A structured settlement payment can come from an annuity. A person could receive a lump sum that is spent or invested. Often, the recipient of the settlement needs a buyer or a structured settlement company to purchase the payments. This company then pays out a discounted lump sum. Some of the best structured settlement providers are Fairfield Funding, Peachtree Financial Solutions, and J.G. Wentworth Structured Settlements.

Top Structured Settlement Options

  • Fairfield Funding
  • Peachtree Financial Solutions
  • J.G. Wentworth Structured Settlements

Fairfield Funding

Fairfield Funding has been in business for over ten years and have over 25 years of experience. You can get your lump sum as quickly as 30 days. They can help relieve financial stress. They offer free quotes online. Fairfield Funding has no hidden fees. In most cases, they pay all fees, legal and court costs. They listen to each story and tailor each plan to the individual’s needs. Fairfield Funding has a customer service promise in which they will do anything they can to ensure complete customer satisfaction. That includes writing letters, calling credit card companies and paying off liens.


  • Cash Fast
  • Free Online Quote
  • No Hidden Fees

Peachtree Financial Solutions

Peachtree Financial Solutions makes a promise to their customers that they will listen to you first to understand your situation. They will then explain to you in plain language what options you have available to you. Peachtree also supports the customer the entire way through the process. As the leading purchaser of structured settlement payments, they have a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer you. During your first call, they will give you a quote, often with more than one offer so they can give you more than one way to get the money you need.


  • Plain Language
  • Listen to Understand
  • Leading Purchaser of Structured Settlements

J.G. Wentworth Structured Settlements

J.G. Wentworth Structured Settlements is one of the premier structured settlement purchasers in the country. They have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. They utilize all of the years of experience to bring their customers the best service. J.G. Wentworth offers free detailed quotes. The quote provides clear information on how much money they are offering for your future settlement payments. If selling only a portion of your payments, the quote clearly highlights which payments, or which portions of payments you are selling. The amount of money you receive will not equal the total amount of the payments you are selling. A representative will walk you through the process and explain how much of a deduction you will take for each of your payments.


  • A+ Rating
  • Detailed Quote
  • 15+ Years of Experience


There are many structured settlement companies out there. Most of them will give you a few different options when it comes to structured settlements. You can sell all your future payments in exchange for a lump sum, or you can sell some of your future payments, or you can sell a portion of each of your future payments. The best option will be determined by your need, but you should consider that you are selling your future payments at today’s market value.