Psoriasis is an auto-immune disorder that creates patchy, itchy, red areas of skin all over the body. The condition can flare up at times and create noticeable and bothersome areas of redness and discomfort periodically including painful psoriatic arthritis. Without the proper treatment, this condition can continue to flare up and get worse over time. Most people with this condition require the services of a knowledgable and skilled dermatologist that specializes in treating psoriasis. Anyone who is currently looking for solutions for treating this condition and regaining a more normal life should check out these top options for dermatologists who specialize in the treatment of psoriasis. These top dermatology clinics include NYU Lagone, Dermatology Associates of Atlanta, and Penn Dermatology. Read on to find out what you need to know about the best dermatologists for psoriasis.

NYU Lagone

People who suffer from this condition can count of the team of dermatologists at NYU Langone to provide effective treatments that improve the look of their skin and relieve the major symptoms of psoriasis. In addition, they are experts when it comes to treating psoriatic arthritis and patches of skin in delicate areas of the body. Some of the treatments they offer include light therapy and medications called biologics.Pricing for services is determined after a consultation and will be disclosed to any insurance providers upon request.


  • Light therapy
  • Arthritis treatment
  • Highly experienced professionals

Dermatology Associates of Atlanta

Dermatology Associates of Atlanta feature a state of the art psoriasis treatment center that addresses every aspect of the condition from head to toe. They offer a variety of treatments to fit each individual situation to help patients live with clear skin that is psoriasis free. Some of the treatments that the clinic offers to patients include the Pharos EX-308 Excimer laser, Narrowband UVB, and SCAT short contact anthralin therapy. Schedule a consultation to discover a range of options that may work for a particular case of psoriasis to help patients regain confidence and comfort once again. Some of the deals currently offered by the clinic include 20% off of a whole body skin cancer check and 10% off of hair removal.


  • Multiple treatment opitons
  • Specialized programs
  • Cuttting edge options

Penn Dermatology

Penn Medicine is dedicated to providing top quality treatment for people who suffer from psoriasis. They offer a comprehensive program designed to address all of the symptoms of this auto-immune disorder and help provide patients with a better quality of life. Some of the treatment options they currently offer no cue Eximer laser, steroid injections, and a variety of medications proven to minimize individual psoriasis symptoms. They are one of the leading medical clinics in the world and provide the highest quality patient care available. Prices for services are discolored at the time of consultation.


  • Top medical facility
  • Highly skilled dermatologist
  • Cuttin edge treatments


Anyone who is suffering from psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis symptoms should consider consulting with one of these top dermatology clinics that specialize in treating this auto-immune disorder. With the right clinic working to help, patients may eventually become symptom-free.