Online estate planning companies help their clients plan for their futures without wasting time, energy, or money. While many think that estate planning is only for the wealthy, this process is essential for people at all socioeconomic levels. Estate planning includes a last will and testament, which specifies what happens to certain items after death. A power of attorney allows the estate planner to put someone in charge of handling legal and financial matters if necessary. A living will is also included, putting someone in charge of making life or death decisions on the behalf of the estate planner. The best estate planning companies include LegalZoom, RocketLawyer, and LawDepot. Read on to find out more about these online estate planning companies.

Top 3 Estate Planning Companies

  • LegalZoom
  • RocketLawyer
  • LawDepot

Legal Zoom

LegalZoom provides resources for estate planning no matter where customers are in the process. For those just getting started, LegalZoom offers consultations with attorneys who can answer specific questions. Customers can choose between a Last Will and Testament or a Living Trust. A Last Will typically involves a court reviewing the will and ordering distribution of the assets, while a Living Trust avoids the probate process. The Estate Planning Bundles provide the information and forms customers need for one flat fee. Plus, customers can make changes to their estate planning documents for up to a year. Customer service is easy to reach by phone, as well.


  • Offers a year of advice from an attorney.
  • Prices start at $149.
  • Offers attorney services.

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer provides customers with an extensive list of legal forms, including estate planning.  This company provides a legal guide that comprehensively answers questions about the estate planning process, and provides access to an attorney as part of their service. Rocket Lawyer offers a couple of monthly subscriptions for those interested in estate planning. The Premium plan is $39.95 per month, and the Accelerate is $49.95 per month. Yearly plans are also available, and customers can get the first week for free. Documents are available as soon as they are completed for download and print. If there are any problems, customer service can be contacted by phone, online chat, or email.


  • Free access to an attorney.
  • A comprehensive guide to estate planning.
  • All of the needed forms provided.


LawDepot offers estate planning services that are easy to understand and use. There are several state-specific forms available online, including estate planning, and LawDepot ensures that users are in compliance with applicable regulations and laws. Each form has step-by-step instructions, with questions asked of customers in an interview style. For those who are interested, customers can choose to have their forms professionally prepared. Customers can also speak to a local attorney recommended by LawDepot if needed. If there are any problems, customer service can be contacted by phone or email. While prices are probably competitive, it’s hard to find pricing through the website.


  • A variety of legal forms are available.
  • Offers preparation services.
  • Excellent responses to common questions.