Businesses use conference calls to roll out changes to policy, encourage discussion of projects, and to include long-distance workers in day-to-day operations. Which conference call system is the most reliable, least expensive, and able to host as many callers at once as possible? It is good to know what the system can do before investing in a system that is oversized or overpriced for your needs.? It should be easy to use, able to send out invitations and reminders and appear in your contact’s schedule. Some executives may wish to have assistance in placing the call and welcoming everybody into the virtual room. Others will want to avoid spending expensive fees on a one-time experience. The top three conference call systems right now include RingCentral,, and Vast Conference. Read on to learn more details about how these conference call systems can work for you.

Top 3 Conference Call Systems

  • RingCentral
    Vast Conference

Ring Central

Ring Central is the top-rated in-house conferencing system built for expanding companies that rely on collaboration for the best performance. Any extension in your phone network can activate Ring Central at any time to set up their own conference call while bringing up to 1,000 other people in on the session. Since no part of Ring Central is web-based, it protects your company’s privacy and security. It works with all of your systems from speakerphones to Bluetooth speakers. There is no need to make a reservation and no PIN numbers to access the session. It’s simple. It works.? Costs vary depending on the size of the phone system.


  • Able to host up to 1,000 callers
  • Works within your phone network
  • No reservations required

For small businesses, offers a means of conducting a roundtable discussion without renting a conference room. Use their website to schedule your call and send out invitations.? You can add the call to several web-based calendars so everyone will receive a reminder. You can pay a nominal monthly fee of $19.99 to avoid listening to their ads during the calls, but otherwise, it is an invaluable resource for businesses that don’t want to spend a lot of cash on peripherals.? If you want to review the call at a later time, you can have the entire session recorded and transcribed. They do not require reservations, so you can place a conference call on short notice and receive the same level of service.


  • No fee or reservation required
  • Available call recording
  • Free calendar integration

Vast Conference

Vast Conference really backs up its name with the ability to connect as many callers as you desire whenever you want to make it happen. This premium conference calling system is fee-based and intended for the movers and makers of the business world. Your assistant can have the Vast operator schedule the call, send out the invitations, and work on welcoming each caller into the “room”. If some of your contacts use web-based calling, that is no problem. The Vast offices will guarantee a strong connection to your call. Pricing begins at a per-call rate up to $39.99 for small businesses and then offers custom pricing for high-volume clients. Standard calls are limited to 300 people, but an operator will help you expand your audience as needed.


  • Offers operator assistance as needed
  • Web integration available
  • Variety of fee structures offer the affordability your business needs


When seeking a conference calling system for your business, make sure you understand your expectations and research each system’s abilities before scheduling your first call. If the call is meant to connect 10 to 20 people for a single call, the free option may be right for you. A rapidly growing corporation with thousands of contacts throughout the world will want a more robust support system, such as offered by Vast Conference.