When it comes to online services, the first consideration should be how you can customize it to fit your needs. You can work alone or with an online trainer, and there are a vast variety of routines. Evaluate each site with your own goals in mind, so they you stay focused on the prize. Factors to consider are your body type, age, personal preference and your ultimate goals. Customization of services should be flexible and convenient, and a variety of programs should be offered. Support and resources for members should be responsive and reliable. The top three personal training services are Daily Burn, BodyFit and Train Online.

Top Three Personal Training Services:

  • Daily Burn
  • BodyFit
  • Train Online

Daily Burn

Daily Burn has an easy user interface that motivates you to start burning calories. It has a number of customizable features, so you can switch between programs and online personal fitness trainers. Daily Burn has the best customer support teams, with great response time and helpful answers. With nutrition and recipe help, this program takes a look at overall health. To keep you in shape, Daily Burn offers numerous workouts and great customer support. Daily Burn has extensive routines and customized diet plans. With this program, you receive customized workout plans, exercise reminders the application, and many people love the blogs on topics from staying hydrated to preventing muscle cramps.


  • Easy user interface
  • Nutrition and Recipe help
  • Extensive routines


iBodyFit has more workouts available than any other online fitness service. This means you won’t run low on new workout material anytime soon. This company follows your progress and encourages you as you progress toward your goals. Their thorough resources conain helpful information. iBodyFit is designed to make it easy to find something that fits your needs. They don’t have a phone app, but iBodyFit does have excellent customer service, which makes it is in the same league as the best, well-rounded online fitness programs. It has a wide variety of videos, custom workout and diet plans, and personal trainers, plus a dietitian on staff. It’s too bad they don’t offer a companion app, which would make this good application great.


  • Great library
  • Tons of videos
  • Dietician on staff

Train Online

Train Online doesn’t have the bells and whistles of the other two brands. However, its extensive exercise library is a great resource when you’re in a rut. There is also an incredible online community associated with this program that you can turn to for encouragement. Train Online has printable workout plans and videos, which you can use to create a fitness program to fit your lifestyle. Train Online is non-traditional and inexpensive, and you can add videos and additional resources as you develop a routine that works for you. Ultimately, this service is best for those who want to build their own workout routine. Train Online has print and video exercises. Although Train online has no app, they do have general information and exercise tips.


  • Costumizable workout
  • Great print exercise library
  • Positive online community


iBodyFit, Daily Burn and Train Online rank highest in the categories mentioned for each. These online programs combine a variety of services with a wide selection of workouts. Each of them takes a holistic approach that considers your fitness and overall health. Resources and support are provided to put you on the right path, whether that’s losing weight or bulking up your muscles. You can even go online and join the user community for advice and support. Make staying in shape fun and easy.