Everyone likes sunny days, but things can very quickly go from fun to terrible when the sun gets just too bright and hot. Fortunately, you can still enjoy the atmosphere without letting stinging brightness or extreme heat get in the way, regardless of whether you’re inside or out. Sun shades filter sunlight and provide protection for everyone, and the best ones are also appealing to look at and don’t get in the way of people enjoying sunny days. The three main types of sun shades are solar shades, patio sun shades and window sun shades. While they can be pricey, the good news is that they don’t have to be if you know where to look.


  • Solar Shades
  • Patio Sun Shades
  • Window Sun Shades

Solar Shades

Solar shades are also sometimes referred to as “UV protection shades” because they are known for not just filtering out visible light from the sun but also blocking harmful UV rays that can cause nasty things like skin cancer and premature aging. When used over windows, they can even the prevent fading of interior furniture, carpets, paint or book / DVD covers that happens all too often when these things are consistently exposed to bright sunlight. Some of the best deals can be found on, which regularly offers 30 percent off plus free shipping on its window solar shades (for example, the signature sheer weave solar shade is currently listed for 30 percent off plus an additional 15 percent off, for a total price of $42.63 per shade). For ones with a designer look, check out the Shade Store. These ones are pricey (interior ones start at $255 and go up from there), but they do offer free measurements and swatches.


  • Solar shades block harmful UV rays and protect both people and furniture
  • The best deals can be found on, which also offers free shipping
  • The Shade Store offers designer options with free measurements and swatches

Patio Sun Shades

Why bother having a nice backyard at all if it can’t be enjoyed anytime you want? There are many different types of patio sun shades on the market today, from cool oblong shapes that can be tied above patios to full size retractable ones. The best ones allow you to still fully enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about sun burn or simply getting too hot and sweaty. Many also double as solar shades, blocking out UV rays while still filtering in a pleasant amount of sunlight. Patio sun shades vary greatly in price due to the diverse size, shape and needs of different patios, but some of the best deals can be found on Wayfair. From small triangle-shaped shades that can be extended over patios to large rectangle shade sails that can go over patios, backyard areas or even pools, Wayfair regularly offers these at lower prices than competitors and also provides free shipping. One of the best deals of all is currently the Outsunny Rectangle Shade Sail, being offered at a discount of $47.99 (down from $89.00) and free shipping.


  • Allow the outdoors to still be enjoyed without suffering from direct sunlight
  • Can also be solar shades, providing UV protection
  • Wayfair offers free shipping and regular deals on a wide range of patio sun shades

Window Sun Shades

A bright, hot sun can’t always be escaped even when you go inside. But instead of blocking out windows completely and then having to suffer through unpleasant darkness or artificial light only, an annoyingly bright sun can be turned into a more enjoyable one with the right window sun shade that filters light. Window sun shades actually come in a very wide range of styles, from wooden slats to honeycomb weaves, standard blinds and everything in between. Some of the best deals on general window sun shades can be found on, where window shades are regularly offered for 35 percent off. For those who sign up to receive emails from the retailer, an additional 15 percent can be saved with each purchase. One example of a great deal is the DiamondCell Light Filtering Cellular Shade, currently listed for $44.84 (down from $68.99).


  • Come in a wide range of styles to fit any interior theme
  • Filter out sunlight as desired for either total sun blockage or just dimming
  • offers window sun shades for 35 percent off and an additional 15 percent off for members


There are many different kinds of sun shades on the market today, almost too many for there to be any reason for people to still be suffering through extreme sunlight and heat. Take the time to shop around and find the shades that fit best with your lifestyle.