Everyone knows how important it is to eat healthy. The problem is putting that knowledge into practice. While one might avoid take-out food, that’s only one step for eating healthier. By eating healthier snacks throughout the day, you’ll feel and look a whole lot better as you start to lose weight. But finding healthy snack recipes that also taste good can be quite a challenge, so few people actually know what they should be making. Fortunately, there are plenty of websites and blogs you can find all over the internet that have healthy snack recipes that are affordable, easy to prepare and take almost no time at all. The top 3 websites for finding healthy snack recipes are All Recipes, Eat Well 101 and Eat Yourself Skinny. Whether you are looking into healthier eating or are just looking for some new healthy recipes, read on to learn more about healthy snack recipes.

Top 3 Healthy Snack Resources:

  • On All Recipes
  • Eat Well 101
  • Eat Yourself Skinny

On All Recipes

On All Recipes you can find hundreds of healthy snack recipes submitted by users like you. Many of the recipes are simple and use relatively few ingredients, so they aren’t too expensive. More importantly, they can be prepared in a short time, so there’s no excuse to settle for fast food when you want a quick bite. Snack recipes like baked kale chips or even deviled eggs can be made with five ingredients or less. Other more complex recipes are composed of ingredients you already have in the house, so you’ll only need to buy a couple things from the store. Whether you are looking for a spicy hummus dip or a delicious summer salad, recipes at All Recipes are amazingly delicious and super simple to follow. Best of all, calories and other nutritional information are displayed on each recipe page which is useful for those counting calories.


  • Find hundreds of user-submitted recipes.
  • Recipes are easy to follow.
  • Easy to find calorie information.

Eat Well 101

Another terrific website for healthy snack recipes is Eat Well 101. They feature numerous healthy snack recipes, but their list of the top “31 Healthy Snack Recipes Anyone Can Make” is a particularly great resource if you are looking for healthy snacks. Recipes like Chia Seeds Banana Sushi, Strawberry Energy Balls and Pineapple toasts with maple, cheese and mint can be prepared in minutes, keeping you fed without overdoing it, so you can lose weight and keep it off. Tabs at the bottom of each recipe page allow you to post your recipe on Pinterest or share it on Facebook.


  • Maintained list of 31 easy-to-prepare snack recipes.
  • Free to use.
  • Ideas using all types of foods.

Eat Yourself Skinny

Eat Yourself Skinny is a food blog with dozens of snack recipes for every time of day. For breakfast, you can find recipes such as banana breakfast muffins or vanilla almond oatmeal with blueberries. For small snacks in between meals, you might try balsamic caprese skewers or some peach mango salsa. You can even find a healthy sweet snack like guilt-free oatmeal raisin cookies or mini pineapple tartlets. More complex snacks like Tomato and Basil Bruschetta will really hot the spot. For each recipe, nutritional information is displayed, but Weight Watcher members will especially be pleased because the blog also displays Weight Watcher points for each recipe. While many of the recipes are free, you can subscribe to the blog to get even more recipes.


  • Snack ideas for all times of day.
  • Nutritional information for each snack.
  • Displays weight watcher points.


Snacking is an everyday part of life. And, when done correctly, snacking is perfectly healthy! Satisfying urges between meals in a healthy, responsible manner can keep you energized throughout the day while limiting the occurrences of overeating during meals. These three sources are great places to get ideas and recipes for healthy snacks for home or the office.