4K television is the latest and greatest home viewing experience, with resolution four times better than HD. Unfortunately, there is not always enough content to watch. You can only own so many 4K Blu-rays, and upconverting HD content into 4K doesn’t quite cut it, especially when it comes to cable. But now the best cable companies in the country are finally offering 4K cable tv content right in your living room. So if you have a 4K television there’s no need to waste it by watching hours of HD content every week. And if you’ve been holding out on a 4K because you were concerned that there wasn’t enough content, this may no longer be the case thanks to brand-spanking new 4K channels with superior resolution, color and depth, bringing all your favorite television characters and TV personalities to life. Read on to learn about the top cable, satellite and streaming companies providing 4K content.


DirecTV is one of the best most popular cable channel providers. Now they offer pristine 4K content right in your living room. DirecTV customers will have access to 4K On Demand Plus content to watch movies and other programming in the best quality possible. Additionally, sports lovers will be able to watch 4K programming live. That’s right - Live. The MLB Network Showcase Game of the Week live can be seen in 4K Ultra HD. Additionally there will be Notre Dame football programming in 4K, which DirecTV customers can view the schedule of to see when to watch. Exclusively to DirecTV is the first ever full-time 4K Ultra HD channel that features travel shows, documentaries and original series all in 4K. All customers need is a Genie HD DVR, the Ultimate or Premier tv package , and of course - a 4K television.


  • First ever 4K channel
  • Watch live sports in 4K
  • Watch on demand content in 4K


Comcast Xfinity also offers 4K content but not in any television cable package. Currently it is only available to their customers through an Ultra HD sampler app on Samsung and LG Smart TVs. Customers with a 4K television can download the Xfinity app and enter their username and password. From their, they can select 4K content to stream. Device settings and parental controls can be adjusted. Additionally, users can download firmware updates.


  • Stream 4K content from TV
  • Installed as an app
  • Available to Xfinity customers only


While not technically a cable company, Netflix is a streaming service that now has a ton of original content in addition to the thousands of movies and TV shows available to stream. While there are not yet thousands of content choices as of yet, they do have quite a large selection of content. Bothclassic television shows like Breaking Bad and The Blacklist and Netflix originals like Dardevil, The Crown and House of Cards are all available in 4K. While you may have enjoyed these shows before - just wait till you see them in 4K, where it will be like watching them for the first time.


  • Movies in 4K
  • Classic TV shows in 4K
  • Netflix original content in 4K


While there are not yet a ton of 4K cable television options, more will be included before you know it. And the above mentioned groundbreakers are very likely to be the ones offering the most content for your money. If you have a 4K TV it’s time to put it to use with one of these excellent 4K cable tv providers.