Deck stains and sealers protect outdoor areas from the elements and common wear and tear over the years, preserving the beauty of an outdoor oasis. The most important elements of deck stains and sealers are maintenance, performance, and durability. Homeowners especially want products that are low maintenance and last a long time, as well as offering UV and mildew protection. A semi-transparent or opaque product lasts longer, which is important for maintaining a good looking deck, and many will last for years before needing to be reapplied. Other considerations for quality deck stains and sealers include whether these products have synthetic or natural resins, are water or oil based, and if they pose any environmental issues. The top three deck stains and sealers available for homeowners and contractors include Sikkens Cetol Dek Finish, Cabot Decking Stain 1480, and Wolman F&P. Read on to discover what you need to know about these top-rated deck stains and sealers.

Deck Stains and Sealers

  • Sikkens Cetol Dek Finish
  • Cabot Decking Stain 1480
  • Wolman F&P

Sikkens Cetol Dek Finish

This deck stain and sealer provides a beautiful wood finish in one single product. Homeowners need to plan to apply two coats, and can choose from four different colors to apply to their decks, including Natural Oak, Cedar, Natural, and Mahogany. This translucent deck stain and sealer is most often used on decks, lattice, railings, and benches, and features UV absorbers and excellent microporosity. This product should not be used on decks less than two feet of the ground or in areas with a lot of water, such as around pools or hot tubs.


  • Two-coat application
  • Comes in four colors
  • Costs $74.00 a gallon

Cabot Decking Stain 1480

This deck stain and sealer offers superior durability for decks, siding, and fencing. This oil-based stain is water repellant, fade resistant, and only requires one coat. Made from linseed oil, this product highlights the natural beauty of the wood and its texture. There are several different colors to choose from, including shades of gray, brown, and red. The one-coat application lasts between two and four years depending on sun exposure and weather events. This deck stain and sealer can be used on most types of wood, which must be thoroughly prepared before application. This includes cleaning the surfaces of all dirt, mildew, stains, loose wood fibers, and any other foreign matter. Wood then should be sanded, power washed, or scrubbed with a stiff bristle brush and wood cleaner. new wood should be allowed to weather for about three months before stain is applied.


  • Requires only one coat
  • Each gallon covers between 400 and 500 feet
  • Comes in several colors

Wolman F&P

This deck stain and sealer is a tinted oil that deeply penetrates the surface of the wood, offering protection against UV rays, water damage, and mold and mildew. This color is offered in four different colors in one or five gallons at a time, including Golden Pine, Natural, Cedar, and Redwood. This deck stain and sealer is guaranteed to provide protection for up to three years before reapplication is required. Each gallon covers approximately 250 square feet of smooth wood, and cleans up easily with soap and water. This product is used most often on new or existing decks, fencing, siding, shingles, lap or log siding, and more. This sealer can also be used in areas around water, and the oil-based sealant can be applied with a brush or sprayed on.


  • Easy to apply
  • Can be brushed or sprayed on
  • Comes in four colors


Deck stains and sealers protect each homeowner’s investment in their decks, fencing, siding, and more. Keep your outdoor areas beautiful by using high-quality stains and sealers.