Keeping your home tidy can feel like a chore that never ends, leaving very little time for fun and relaxation. A good cleaning service can help take a lot of that burden off your shoulders, allowing you to enjoy both a clean home and the free time to enjoy it. Finding a good maid service can be a daunting task, however, with so many options out there to choose from. When looking for a cleaning service, there are a few key things to keep in mind, including your budget, how often you need the services and whether there are any special requests that need to be accommodated, such as a one-time deep cleaning or move-in or move-out cleaning services. Once you have a clear idea of your budget and what you need from a cleaning service, you can start shopping for the best service for your needs. Keep reading to learn more about cleaning services, and how to choose one that will work for you.

Choosing a Maid Service

  • Cleaning Service Options
  • Before You Hire a Service
  • Hiring a Service vs. DIY Cleaning

Cleaning Service Options

When it comes to maid service, there are several options to consider, based on your needs and budget. Most cleaning services can be hired for either ongoing work, for occasional cleaning services or for one-time cleanings. Regular, ongoing cleaning services can typically be scheduled for either weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly cleanings, depending on the service you choose. In addition, the exact areas that need to be clean or areas that are off-limits can usually also be specified. For example, some people prefer weekly cleaning of the kitchen and bathrooms only, with other cleanings (vacuuming, dusting, etc.) done less frequently or not at all. The cost of your cleaning service will depend greatly on how often and what type of cleaning is done, with many cleaning services offering discounted rates for ongoing cleaning. Talk to your local cleaning service to determine which would be the best option for your budget. One-time cleaning, deep cleaning or occasional cleaning can usually also be arranged.


  • Several options to choose from, including ongoing cleaning, one-time cleaning and deep cleaning
  • Discounts are often available for ongoing cleaning services
  • Most cleaning services will tailor cleaning to your specific needs

Before You Hire a Service

Before settling on a house cleaning service and hiring them to clean your home, there are a few important things to address. The first is to check references and reviews before hiring a cleaning company. Check for any complaints and pay attention to both negative and positive reviews. If the cleaning service is a member of the Better Business Bureau, check there, as well. Reputable cleaning services should also be able to provide you with references from past clients, even if it’s a small cleaning company. In addition, always be sure to ask the service whether they are licensed, bonded and insured. This will ensure your cleaning service is operating above-board and fully covered in case anything goes wrong. You may also want to ask whether the cleaning service performs background checks on all employees, so you know the people being let into your home have been fully vetted. Once all of that is out of the way, take time to talk about the rates for the cleaning you need done, as well as how they will clean your home and what types of cleaning products they use, to make sure their services line up with your needs.


  • Ask for references and be sure to read any reviews about the service you plan to hire
  • Ask whether the company is licensed, bonded and insured, and whether they run background checks on employees
  • Always discuss rates for the services you want, as well as how they clean and what products are used

Hiring a Service vs. DIY Cleaning

While hiring a cleaning service is an expense that many people may find frivolous, it’s important to keep in mind that your time is valuable. If you can afford a good cleaning service, the benefits of having a maid service do some (or all) of your cleaning may be well worth the cost. Consider the amount of time you would spend doing the cleaning yourself, including the cost of cleaning supplies, and decide whether hiring a maid service is the right option for you. Weigh the pros and cons of hiring a service before scheduling your first visit, so you can rest assured you’ve made the right choice, should you decide hiring a service is the right choice for you.


  • Weigh the pros and cons of hiring a cleaning service before scheduling a visit
  • Remember that your time is valuable
  • The benefits of hiring a cleaning service can often be well worth the expense


Maid services can often help alleviate the pressure of trying to balance work and other activities with keeping a clean home. Whether you need occasional cleaning, one-time cleaning or an ongoing cleaning service for weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly cleaning, it’s important to fully investigate your options, needs and budget before deciding on the cleaning service that’s right for you!