Custom t-shirts are a great way to personalize your look for any need or occasion: family reunions, professional uniforms, gag gifts, holidays, sports teams, fundraisers, etc. There are a lot of retailers that offer custom t-shirts as well as other custom items such as mugs or placemats. Each retailer offers a different selection of colors, styles, sizes, printing types, and more. Prices vary based on the options you want in your t-shirt, but you can create your own custom t-shirt for as low as $7.49 for a single shirt. Having hundreds of options is really great, but it can make making a decision difficult. Following is information about some of the best custom t-shirt online retailers: Custom Ink, Vistaprint, and Zazzle.

Custom T-Shirt Retailers

  • Custom Ink
  • Vistaprint
  • Zazzle

Custom Ink

Custom Ink offers custom t-shirts in a wide variety of styles including typical short sleeve t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, performance shirts, soft tri-blend t-shirts, women’s styles, raglan shirts, kids, tank tops, and trendy. They also even offer Gap brand t-shirts. For one t-shirt with one print color, prices start at $20. The price/t-shirt goes down as you add more identical shirts to your order. Every order from Custom Ink receives free shipping. Custom Ink offers a wide variety of base colors and text colors. You can also choose from their templates and clipart to help create your design, or upload your own design.


  • Free shipping
  • $20 for one t-shirt
  • Wide variety of types of shirts


Vistaprint offers men’s, women’s, and kids t-shirts in various colors and sizes. Prices for one t-shirt start as low as $7.49 for one shirt with three color printing options. The shirt itself comes in white, gray, or black. For other price points, you can browse many other shirt colors, styles, and fabrics. Vistaprint offers three different types of printing onto shirts for various needs: inkjet, ColorStrong, and screen printing. Inkjet prints directly onto the shirt and are best for comfort, value, and large designs. ColorStrong is a digital heat transfer that is best for durability, vibrant colors, and smaller designs. They also offer screen printing, which is best for large group orders and single colors on designs.


  • Different print options
  • $7.49 for one t-shirt
  • Many shirt colors and fabrics


Zazzle’s shirts come in hundreds of styles and different colors. They offer sizes for men, women, children, toddlers, and babies. Zazzle?s basic white value shirt with a solid color design comes in at $15. In addition to starting with a blank canvas, Zazzle has existing products that you can start with or get inspired by. Some of their inspiration ideas include flower girl shirts for young girls and matching Christmas shirts for the family. They also offer different styles other than basic t-shirts, such as long sleeve t-shirts, raglan shirts, v-neck, off the shoulder, scoop neck, and crop top. Zazzle?s design platform allows you to easily manipulate your text and images.


  • Product inspiration
  • $15 for one t-shirt
  • Sizes include toddler and baby


By choosing any of these retailers, you have a lot of choices for your custom t-shirt purchase. From simple, solid color designs to intricate logos, all of these retailers can make the t-shirt you desire. While they all have similar offerings, each is unique in the type of fabric, color choices, design templates, and prices. Check out Custom Ink, Vistaprint, and Zazzle to figure out which of these best custom t-shirt online retailers is best to meet your needs.