On the market for a new retail POS system? The best point-of-sale systems to more than facilitate the transactions of goods, services and payments. Nowadays, must-have components of POS systems include tools to streamline business, integrated inventory tracking and seamless customer marketing tools. Cutting-edge retail POS systems can also help business owners analyze sales data while keeping track of employee hours and payroll. We’ve analyzed numerous retail point-of-sale systems to bring you our top three. Here, we will review each top-rated system in detail to help you understand your best options.


ShopKeep is widely regarded as one of the best retail POS systems available. With its main interface conducted on an iPad, the ShopKeep system is user-friendly and comprehensive. The basic bundle includes the software, the iPad holder, Bluetooth credit card reader, receipt printer and cash drawer. It features all the modern perks mentioned above—such as inventory tracking and sales reporting tools—and also features an offline mode that’s a life saver when the power goes out. Business owners can use ShopKeep either by paying monthly fees or signing long-term service contracts. In addition, ShopKeep looks out for its clients with 24/7 phone and email support without any maintenance or service fees.


  • iPod-based system.
  • Comes with iPad holder, Bluetooth credit card reader, receipt printer and cash drawer
  • 24/7 phone and email support.


Small businesses these days aren’t confined to brick-and-mortar locations. Your business could be door-to-door, at a farmer’s market, in board rooms or even completely online. Whatever shape your business takes, Clover is one of the best small-business POS systems. Clover’s point-of-sale systems are designed to accept credit and debit payments from a touchscreen, iPod or even your smartphone. The Clover Flex system is perhaps the most portable, while the Clover Station is more ideal from fixed retail locations. Clover’s POS makes it easy to track inventory, manage employees, analyze sales, monitor transactions and more.


  • Agile solutions for all kinds of businesses.
  • Clover Flex is the most portable Clover POS system.
  • Clover Station is a more traditional POS system.

Revel Systems

Revel Systems is another POS system that offers retail clients the means to process payments, learn about their customers and ultimately increase sales. The Revel system offers an Always On Mode that’s active when the power goes out, and the POS interface can be customized to make transactions easier for both your customers and employees. Also being an iPad-based system, Revel’s analytics data can be displayed either in graphs or data tables to help clients make more informed choices for their businesses. The sales data is so complete that the Revel Systems retail POS can even help business owners forecast their upcoming demand.


  • Always On mode protects from power outages.
  • Customizable iPod interface.
  • Forecast demand with sales reports.


The right retail point-of-sale system can help your business in more ways than one. Don’t settle for a simple credit card processor that won’t supply you with invaluable tracking tools or analytics data. Compare these industry-leading retail POS systems and make a purchase that could further enhance your bottom line.