Dental providers have a myriad of reasons to advertise to their customers and potential customers, but it can feel like an uphill battle at times. It doesn’t help that going to the dentist is simply not an activity that anyone wants to remember to do, and these attitudes can affect a dentist’s business to the point where they may feel like they’ll never get a steady stream of clients. Postcards not only remind people of who you are, it reminds them of specific services they need to have done. The best direct mail manufacturers of dental marketing postcards are, PostcardMania, and Practice Cafe. Read on to learn more about these top-rated options.

Top 3 Dental Marketing Postcard Companies

  • PostcardMania
  • Practice Cafe

This service is focused on making direct mail for dental professionals as modern as possible. When dentists have a limited marketing budget, it means doing everything possible to make the process as efficient as possible. streamlines everything, so that your customers can be reached. They’ll likely also be impressed with the graphics and quality of the postcards they receive. Whether you’re in a large or a small area, they can scale your request to ensure you hit as many people as possible. They’re excellent about getting you the customers service you need to answer any questions you may have about word placement message or costs. They use the latest in technology to ensure that people not only recognize your name, but also call you and schedule an appointment.


  • In 2013, dentists saw more than 400% ROI (return on investment) after using their services.
  • Design your postcard using effective and interesting templates. You choose what you want it to look like.
  • Print and mail postcards to your potential customers, and then track the amount of appointments you get based on your investment.


This company is focused on giving you the advice you need to make your postcard picture perfect. If your marketing team is small or nonexistent, dentists who may not know very much about advertising should choose PostcardMania. Customers rave about the amount of tips they get before creating their postcard. They may be able to make it easier to identify your target market, so that you’re not sending postcards to people who will never change their current provider. People’s biggest problem seems to be keeping up with all the new business they’re getting. You won’t have to worry about customizing your logo, as they can help you do it. PostcardMania does all kinds of marketing, and have analyzed their results so they can recommend the best fir for you.


  • Works with hundreds of different industries to identify the patterns you need to succeed.
  • Tracks your appointments and interests based on when and how you send the postcards.
  • Experts at advising you on how to make the most of your budget.

Practice Cafe

Supplement your primary mailer with Practice Cafe’s postcards. Announce your new location, let people know your startup story or just tell them that they’re due for a teeth cleaning next week. This company has a super-sized postcard which can really stand out in people’s eyes and get their attention. Marketing is heavily reliant upon repetition and Practice Cafe understands how to get into people’s head without sacrificing your reputation. You can promote seasonal specials, services or just focus on one particular aspect of your business. Whether you want to make yourself the “child-friendly” office that every mom wants to take their kid to or you want to be known as the dentistry practice that will make your teeth movie-star white, this is a good way to lure people in for the fun services as well as more practical jobs like cavity filings. Practice Cafe is looking to boost your business while saving you costs wherever and whenever possible.


  • Years of experience when it comes to driving down the price.
  • Lots of options available, depending on your ultimate goals and branding needs.
  • Customer service to help you make the best possible decisions.


Marketing is about consistency and persistence, and postcards are a great way to make it happen. Whether your practice is going well and you just want to add to it or you’re struggling with getting clients to stick with you, dental postcards may help to increase those numbers to where you want them to be.