Subscription gift boxes are great gifts for yourself, someone else or just a practical purchase and they are becoming more popular every day. Need proof? Just take a look at the number of manufacturers and retailers now offering subscription gift boxes.  The woman in your life will appreciate these gifts. Your friends will be excited to begin discovering the gift they just received and you will be happy to have made a purchase that is both practical and affordable. Check out a few of these leading subscription boxes and perhaps you mind find something to catch your eye or a great gift idea for someone you know. Among the leading sellers of this fun and growing gift concept are subscription gift boxes like, Say it with Sock, Allure Beauty Box, Stitch Fix, Birchbox, FabFitFun VIP Box and Julep Maven.

6 Great subscription box Gifts for Her

  • Say it with a Sock
  • Allure Beauty Box
  • Stitch Fix
  • Birchbox
  • FabFitFun VIP Box
  • Julep Maven

Say it with a Sock

Socks may not seem like a “wow” gift or anything to get excited about but the subscription box es of Say it with a Sock have worked to change that.  Each includes different socks, with a wide variety of styles and designs every month.


  • A versatile gift these can be ideal for not only women but also men and children too.
  • There is always going to be a variety every month with some very creative sock designs to boot.
  • This subscription box serves to deliver practical solutions to that common issue of missing socks.

Allure Beauty Box

If the name Allure rings a bell, that is because this subscription box is driven by the smart folks from Allure Magazine.  Each box comes with a booklet that details the individual items selected by the Editors that will be found inside that box.


  • Both sample and full size makeup samples.
  • Items received in the box can be swapped out with the Beauty subscription box swap page.
  • High quality high-end beauty products in each box.

Stitch Fix

This styling (literally) subscription box service has a few neat twists which may cost a bit more than the more common subscription services but also has added perks.  A considerably in-depth assessment is required for signing up, but getting the right fit is everything at Stitch Fix.


  • The Styling fee is returned as a credit on any items you purchase.
  • Items and accessories are designed around your profile (remember that assessment?).
  • A very easy to read, easy to use subscription box platform.


Part of the excitement of subscription boxes is found in the variety or surprise of the items to be discovered inside.  The Birchbox has a collective of beauty supplies and accessories to create a fun, variety filled experience with their subscription boxes.


  • The sheer variety of items, from mirrors to brushes or makeup accessories and more.
  • Discounts and online codes are always being offered making this already affordable subscription box a real deal.
  • Subscription boxes are available to those who aren’t subscribed to Birchbox so everyone can join.


A quarterly as opposed to monthly subscription box service faces different challenges, namely making that less frequent arrival worth the wait.  FabFitFun meets those challenges and then some.  The hottest most exciting seasonal items are here, making it FabFitFun.


  • At least $100 worth of value in every box.
  • Only the hottest most trendy items are selected for each season.
  • An exciting, diverse and wide array of products.

Julep Maven

Not as common with subscription box services are those more specific and less varied box services.  These services are required to deliver the goods since the product selection is more narrow.  Julep Maven does more than deliver the goods and it shows in their nail polish and makeup boxes.


  • A choice of boxes to choose from each month.
  • The service is flexible enough to allow members to skip a month if they choose.
  • Amazing new colors and nail polish products monthly.


Sure, subscription boxes are good gifts to give, get or get for yourself but the gift of a subscription is more than any of these particularly fun and exciting items.  The gift of getting something new every so often, the joy of discovering what is inside and the surprise value alone are all gifts themselves. A subscription box is a different kind of gift, and a uniquely special way to say you care about someone, even yourself.